Refund request after cancelation because of late reply

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Chuo Ward, Fukuoka

LONG STAY - Peaceful GARDEN APT @ Ohori Park Area


On Jul. 31, which was yesterday, I have requested for reservation on the above house.

I was waiting to receive the confirmation page for over 30 min and it kept making me wait and wait,

so I thought it's not going to be confirmd, and booked another house and got a condirmation reply asap.


About 30 min. later, I have found out that I have booked two places and the other is the above house which I did not get a reply quick enough.

so, I have requested for cancelation immidaitely and it was done, but cancellation fee was deducted from my credit card, which is 68346 KR won ($60.00 approx.)

My traveling date will be 22nd Jul. which is 3 weeks from now and whithin one month period.


It is not legal to chrage cancellation fee when the reservation was made by double booking because of the late reply and slow turning of the confirmation page.

And there is no online feedback or enquiry to the person in charge of airbnb.


Please get back to me with reply.

From Cristal Chae

Email :








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RE: Refund request after cancelation because of late reply

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Cristal님, 안녕하세요.

애초에 글을 올려주신 게시판은 게스트와 영어로 소통하는 데 있어 질문이 있는 호스트를 위한 곳으로, 문의하신 내용에는 적절치 않은 것 같아 다른 게시판으로 이동했습니다.

환불에 관한 사항은 에어비앤비 고객 센터 080-822-0230으로 문의하시기 바랍니다.


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