Bath tub vs Jacuzzi tub

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Bath tub vs Jacuzzi tub

Hi there! I am going to be remodeling my Airbnb bathroom in the near future. I am debating whether I go with  a bath tub with no jets but deep enough for full body immersion or a jacuzzi tub with jets. 

What I am curious about in particular if hosts feel strongly one way or another about the cleaning of a tub with jets as well as the longevity of the control mechanisms. Also, do you think one adds significant demand over another? 

I would love suggestions on specific brands and models that other hosts have found to be durable and easy to clean. I am also open to stand alone tubs that have accessibility features too if there’s a good one to consider.

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I don't have in my rental  but do in my personal bathroom.  The biggest expense is a deep tub.  I included the jets and warners on mine but one of my deciding factors was house value if ever sold. 

A deeper  tub does create  a higher water expense so  not all buyers want that added expense if no jets.

Also deep tubs with jets about 10 minutes after I drain my tub iit does an automatic self  cleaning of the jets.

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Hello @Kelly2323, welcome to our amazing community 🌟


I did a search in our community and found some conversations where Hosts are discussing similar topics. While they may not provide a direct comparison between bathtubs and Jacuzzi tubs, they offer some valuable insights on both. You can check them out here.


I hope you find this helpful.



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How exciting @Kelly2323 ! I love remodels. Personally speaking, a jacuzzi would never sway my decision to rent one flat over another. The longer I have had my rentals I've realized it's best to go with the easiest for upkeep. For instance, I use charcoal gray grout so I'm not chasing a spot of mildew in white grout every few weeks. I use matte tiles in the shower and a waved glass shower door because I was spending way too much time making the shiny surfaces absolutely free from one streak or one water spot. I use multi-colored sheets and towels because one innocuous spot on a white or solid color sheet or towel renders them unusable. Go for the easiest to maintain because the well maintained always looks the best!


Speaking of which I now use nail polish the color of dirt because I can't be the landscaper, housekeeper, painter, garbage collector, groundskeeper...all while having sparkling clean nails! hahaha


Good luck


Totally off bath tub topic,  but cleaning glass shower doors lol  My  husband found I think it is called Bartender's    Friend in the cleaning product aisle and it works amazing.       Everyone I  have told agrees lol and I think like Walmart   carries.

Yes, Bartenders Friend! I have it! I'll try it! If it doesn't work I'll expect your husband over her on Thursday;)


I laughed so hard.



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@Kelly2323 if it's for personal use then enjoy the tub with jets if you enjoy that sort of thing. 


If its for your airbnb I propose looking at airbnb's in your area that have tubs with jets and seeing if those rent for more. Look at the feedback for hosts near you that have tubs with jets to see if guests appreciate that feature. 


If the price for units that have jets isn't higher than ones without consider going with the no-jet tub. Iff customers find it desirable and you can raise your rental rates and/or occupancy consider going with a tub that has jets. 


Two other thing to consider if you go with a jets are maintenance and cleaning. Maintenance on the tub won't be an issue initially but these sorts of tubs are more likely to have leaks and require motor maintenance. Guests that use tubs with jets soak and often times leave a residue which requires more cleaning to get the 5 star clean you want. Check with your cleaners to see if this sort of cleaning will increase their rates. 


I hope that helps. Good luck!