Improving guest service by adding bikes or water sports equipment

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Calgary, Canada

Improving guest service by adding bikes or water sports equipment

Hi there, I am a Airbnb host and thinking to provide bikes and water sport equipment such paddle boards . 
Does such addition bring value to the guests and what is the recommended cost per rent in this case ?



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Placencia, Belize

Definitely adds value, our guests love them. We decided not to charge, and thus doesn't put us in the 'rental business' (license, liability, bookkeeping, etc). A cute little sign 'Use at Your Own Risk' may be a good idea.


And one more thing - we state 'We reserve the right to make any changes without notification' - so that we are free to add or drop any such equipment as we see fit.

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Navarre, FL

I definitely think it would add value for someone looking for an Airbnb. If they see those as amenities that’s always a plus, but also always look into liabilities and insurance etc. 

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Swannanoa, NC

@Camelia-And-Ioan0  Please check your liability with your insurance company before offering sports equipment.  Also be aware that once the equipment leaves your property with the guest, your AirCover "insurance" will not cover you in ANY way.


To find out what you would charge for such items, research local rental places that do provide such items.  You may find that it is better to point your guests towards these rental places rather than adding these amenities (and the additional insurance costs) to your property.

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