Should I provide a Coffee machine?

Should I provide a Coffee machine?

We don't drink coffee or tea so I'm a bit in the dark when it comes to the coffee and tea world. For those of you that supply coffee and tea is it popular? We're thinking about buying a coffee machine. Do we buy an espresso machine or a coffee capsule machine?




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Cape Town, South Africa

I have a standard coffee machine and provide regular coffee and  tea, most of my guests actually prefer using the kettle than the coffee machine. It's great to give your guests options. 

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Hardys Bay, Australia

I have a capsule machine and leave 2 for each adult guest as the minimum stay is 2  nights. There is also a milk frother, milk & sugar. Guests buy their own pods. I have a selection of teas. 
I also leave a welcome bottle of wine with cheese & biscuits. 

I have enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts regarding coffee and have decided to throw in my 2 bits.  I have been roasting coffee for over 5 years, and find that my green (unroasted) beans last about a year before going bad, roasted beans stay fresh for about 3 weeks in a special coffee container, and ground goes stale within a week due to oxidation. Keurig plastic pods are notorious for containing stale coffee, although, I do know of a few small roasters that package weekly to assure freshness. Bottom line: buy the freshest beans available (most bags have roast dates). 

I drink tea only I’ve only been to one that didn’t provide much. I buy tea usually take my own also. Any extras I leave for the host and guests. Pet peeve coffee maker water tastes like coffee. Love a hot water option. Hotels without microwave you get that yucky plastic coffee water taste. Wish more Airbnbs had local delivery listings times menus etc. 
my hosts have all been great. One goes the extra mile has a beautiful place on a hill with a view. Even offered me to use her car I told her never do that! One couple acted perturbed I don’t know why. They acted like she should make their coffee or something. 

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Frederick, MD

We have drip coffee, several types of tea and a Nespresso pod machine. Just about every guest uses the drip coffee and a few use the tea (in a year we have not had to replace any of our teas. We have boxes with black, Earl Grey, green and an herbal variety and all are still about full) and pretty much all guests try the Nespresso pods at least once. Some go really overboard with those. But all three get good use.

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Sofia, Bulgaria

The coffee is in the top 10 of the "Must have" category.

You have choice-Espresso machine, Moka pot, Turkish coffee pot, instant coffee packs or whatever...

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New South Wales, Australia

@Bernadette305 if your price can support a voucher it is a good idea.


Personally, I drink a lot of coffee, as it is the 1srt thing I start in the morning so having to go out for my 1st coffee will kill me,


A few years back when the price was high I used to provide Nespresso capsules now from time to time for guests who are booked for 2 weeks I still provide but not to all guests as not worth financially


But on the other hand, I provide a min of 3/4 types of instant coffee and a large selection of teas


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Dynnyrne, Australia

Has anyone considered partnering up with a local cafe? I don't like the idea of a coffee machine that uses capsules, so I have a French press, but usually what happens is that the coffee powder is just washed down the drain afterwards which can cause a problem with the plumbing in some houses (blocked drain). We have a very good coffee place that also does breakfast close by so I have been wondering if I should supply a coffee voucher for there instead? This would support local business, provide proper coffee, and take care of the capsule problem. But then I understand it's nice to have a cuppa before you're ready to leave the house... Any thoughts?

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Sayulita, Mexico

@Bernadette305  I have been washing my coffee grounds down the drain for 30 years- I read a long time ago that it's actually a good thing to do- the grounds bind to oils and crud in the drains and scour them clean. Unless there is something wrong with the drain itself, coffee grounds won't plug it up. I've certainly never had any problems doing that.

I'm not a coffee drinker, but I supply my guests with an electric tea kettle and instant coffee. Does this qualify as a "coffee maker" per the Airbnb description? I don't like the idea of Kcups creating so much plastic waste, and I don't really want a bunch of appliances on the counter. The tea kettle is tucked away on a shelf. 

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Sayulita, Mexico

@Theresa275  Well, I'm a coffee drinker, and no, that wouldn't qualify as a coffee maker to me. Very few coffee drinkers, in my experience (and I'm 70, so I've had a lot of years to observe) are the least bit interested in drinking instant coffee. If I were a guest and you said you provided coffee and what I found was only instant, I'd be disappointed and in fact, I wouldn't drink it at all.


I absolutely agree with you about the Keurig K-cups, though. I would never use one myself to brew coffee, nor purchase one for guests. There are all kinds of ways to make coffee that don't involve adding to the world's garbage problem. I use a French press myself (many are glass, but for an Airbnb, I'd suggest the Bodum stainless steel, insulated ones- nothing to break and can be stashed away in the cupboard- you just pour boiling water from the kettle into it), there are the Italian type you fill the bottom section with water, the basket with coffee, and set on the stove ( but not everyone knows how to use one) or you can just get something like a Mr.Coffee-type coffee maker, which does use paper filters, but you can get natural ones that aren't bleached and are easily biodegradable. But if you don't want more appliances on the counter, I'd say go for the Bodum-basically indestructible and makes very good coffee.

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England, United Kingdom

I also would not provide any kind of capsule coffee machine or have one in my house.  They should be green-taxed out of existence as far as I'm concerned!  I provide a cafetiere and some ground coffee, and some good quality instant coffee.  If I had a high-end listing I would provide a proper espresso machine.

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Vancouver, Canada

I wouldn't provide a Nespresso simply because of the terrible amount of nonrecycled (despite the claims, not to mention plastic isn't actually recyclable in any meaningful way) waste they generate, but that's me (environmental scientist in another life). We have a simple drip coffee pot and a large Bodum. We had a Bialetti but people don't know how to use them. It got put in the dishwasher which destroys the finish and puts a black residue all over it. I scrubbed it clean (took ages) and then another guest did it. No more Bialetti! We provide nice coffee and a variety of nice teas, caffeinated and otherwise.

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Rothes, United Kingdom


I don’t have a coffee machine due to the expense of it and the plastic waste of those coffee capsules.

Instead I offer my guests freshly made traditional espresso coffee made from a Bialletti or Mokka coffee pot that Italians typically use on their stove.

I also offer the choice of a cafetière which the Americans and Canadians like, they call it pressed coffee.

For coffee I have quality Italian Lavazza coffee.


For tea I have either loose leaf Taylor’s of Harrogate English breakfast tea, or a selection of Twinings quality herbal teas on offer at breakfast.


I removed tea making facilities from the bedrooms to prevent spills on the carpet and rings on the bedroom furniture as I have very expensive hand made furniture in the Mahogany bedroom.

Also there is no kettle in the bedroom due to the high power useage by Chinese guests who will continually use a device called a Nette Pot for steam inhalation.

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Riga, Latvia

Hello all 🙂


Coffee and tea makes everyday more wonderful!

I supply assorted selection of teas, coffee, sugar and sweetener 🙂

Nesspresso and French press are my favorite.

Usually when I travel I take some delicious coffee and teas with me but I`m always happy to see that host has been thoughtful 🙂


Good luck with choosing your favorite coffee maker 🙂


Happy & Sunny Regards from Riga 🙂



I recommend you buy either Keurig K55 or K50 coffee maker. These two are top-notch, well-priced coffee brewers that will meet and exceed your expectations.

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Daylesford, Australia

I followed the link, quote: ''Plastic Taste – Lots of buyers noted that the coffee brewed by the Keurig K50 had a plastic taste in it. That’s a huge issue that undermines just about everything.'' and ''Due to the fact that the K50 isn’t that reliable, breaks quite often, and the coffee might have a plastic taste, it’s better to avoid purchasing this model since the chances of being left disappointed is high.''

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College Park, MD

I provide a Keurig with pods, a kettle for tea (and tea) and also a french press with ground coffee. I'm a big coffee drinker so I make sure coffee maker or press is in every unit. It's pretty important to me as a guest. But you don't need a full on machine. A kettle for boiling water is sufficient if you have a french press. I got the french press in my home for $9 US and it provides 2 cups. I also provide sugar but not necessarily cream. I used to provide cream but it went bad so often and the powder kind gets clumpy. So, I just stopped doing the cream.

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@Sonja85 I love coffee. I have a setup for the guests that is similar to the one I use. A Kuerig-type coffeemaker, single serve. It is very clean (coffee grounds are so messy, no matter how hard you try. They just are.) and I use San Francisco Bay compostible inserts for the machine. I buy these in bulk from Amazon, and I use them myself. I also have an electric kettle and a decent selection of good teas in he guest area. I also put out small half-and-half creamers that don't need refrigeration. These are called Mini Moos, I think, and are popular with guests.

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Santa Rosa, CA


I'd get a Keurig and buy a box of the "Donut shop" capsules... This link: Keurig & Capsules show several. Good deals are the K55 or the K15. It would be around $79 + $34 (for 48 coffee capsules) 

Most hotels have Keurig (or similar machines)