Tell me how to improve my listing

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Tell me how to improve my listing

Hi, I've been an Airbnb host for about 18 months and this hasn't been the greatest year. I'm wondering how I can improve so I'd appreciate feedback on how to improve listing. Thanks so much!

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Hi Chris, I'm only commenting on the design side, there maybe other issues like location, price, etc. that I did not consider. The finishes in the house and furniture look very dated.  The tile in kitchen and the cabinets look like they were never changed since the 90's. As a design-centric couple in their 30's and 40's, this listing would not appeal to us. Do you have any budget for some changes?


Also, you need a professional photoshoot.

Thanks for your feedback Juan. The rest of the house except the kitchen is remodeled, so you're right that it isn't new. These are professional photos from a real estate photographer, what kind of photos would you like to see

The images are overly edited and the photographer used too wide of a lens causing distortion. Two of the kitchen shots are a great example. The fridge and the anchor on the wall are distorted. The image on the TV is obviously fake. I think a more subtly approach to the color correction would help.


The images seem to be low quality. Maybe you uploaded low pixel count images? Airbnb definitely does a number on them with their compression but I'd try to upload bigger images.


Regardless of the photos, I think the decor is the bigger problem.

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@Chris21634 A couple of things:


I actually don't think the pics are that bad. I do feel like the decor could use a little something. 


-First thing is the coffee table perched in the middle of the room where none of the seating can reach it. That's a little weird, like you feel obligated to have a coffee table because people do, but why is it sitting there with nothing to do? 


-Get a different coffee table, move the two couches closer together, and pull that odd chair in closer. 


-The dining room looks very barebones. Can you add a rug under the table? That would make a huge difference. 


-The kitchen could do with a facelift. The least expensive thing to do would be to paint the cabinets and to add some hardware to the doors and drawers. It may not be necessary but it would really update the appearance. Also, a mat in front of the sink would help. 


-I'm very, very confused by the number of beds and how they are distributed in the bedrooms. I think there's something wrong in the listing. Only you know your house, so I would reexamine your listing and fix what's wrong. I think in the photos you call two of them Bedroom #2, when one should be #3, and also the beds don't match what you've said in the captions. 


Last...figure out who your target market is and configure the house accordingly. Higher capacity isn't always better. Is it a large family or maybe two couples? I'm just not sure about all the beds...


Oh, and this is actually last: your calendar pricing is all over the place! I put in two random dates for a weekend stay and it came up at $5000 a night! Then I put in some other dates and the price was just over $300 a night. Then some other dates the price was over $3000 a night! When I put in a week, there was no weekly discount. You're certainly not obligated to do one, but your competition may be,  and it's added incentive for guests to book longer stays. 


Overall, it's nice as it is with some minor things to be fixed in the listing and the house. Good luck! 

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The two recent  cancellation reviews without you commenting  to explain to potential  guests is the  first thing  you   see.   If I am booking a family  those are scary.

* adults  it wouldn't  be a comfortable sleeping arrangement.  Families though your  walk to the   beach.  Families are  more focused on high chair  porto  crib.  I  would focus more onn kid friendly items.Especially near the beach an inexpensive item that was a  big hit for my Hawaii properties was  just a door chain high so kids can't reach because little  kids love to explore and go outside when the parents  aren't looking.

plastic cups and dishes always a plus with kids.  Is there a dishwasher if not offer paper products so mom  has less work..

If you get a portoo crib another inexpensive highlight is a diaper trash can .

What would be  nice in your pictures  is the beach toys.

If yourr spending the day at the beach with children  a cooler and a blanket  too sit on is   nice.

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Hello @Chris21634, I hope you're doing well.


Hosts Kia and Marie have shared some additional suggestions. Have you had a chance to read them? Are you planning to implement any of their suggestions?


Keep us posted!



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