Proposal for Airbnb and lovely Los Angeles Hosts, from a lovely italian superhost ;)

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Milan, Italy

Proposal for Airbnb and lovely Los Angeles Hosts, from a lovely italian superhost ;)

Hi!! I have been invited in Los Angeles by Airbnb as host educator to talk about HAPPY HOSTING (I'm a professional travel tv correspondent and presenter, trainer of public/videospeaking, my soon online website is actually called Happyspeaking, that's why I proposed a panel about happy hosting!!!).


I actually had to give another speech in a great event in Italy called "Incitement" during the same days,  they were really supportive to tell me I could provide it in streaming or do next year, but still I'm afraid I will have to give this airbnb great opportunity up, here is why:


This would be an amazing job opportunity for me, not a vacation... I already lived 3 months in Los Angeles, I cannot spend my few vacation money to go back to a place I already saw, I still need to see Costa Rica, Cuba or Thailand... Host Travellers, you can understand me!!!


So I got 2 proposal, one for AIRBNB and one FOR YOU!!!


1) please Airbnb consider to give a FREE TICKET for AIRBNB OPEN to local hosts of your invited host educator... it would be a great benefit that I think we deserve, we are willing to give you all our creativity and energy to make this event great, we'll prepare it with you for 2 months, we don't want money for that but neither I'd want to spend... Hope you can do this for every worldwide host educator next year, but now... since it's not possible to do this last minute for everybody, do it for me please!!n As a THANK YOU for this sustainable idea 😉 


2) please L.A. lovely host, I already have been guested by you when Airbnb didn't even existed... I posted some crazy ads in craigslist "funny italian girl looking for funny roommate", "one week deal" (i was giving 100 dollars and 1 italian lesson for a week) and I managed to have a great guest experience in 2006 for 3 months, living in santa monica, north hollywood, west hollywood, it was fun! I'm a friendly funny host but I'm an even better guest, I can prove it!!! (I actually have reference here and in CXXXSXXX which I used before to discover Airbnb!!) 


Plus I CAN HELP YOU create an excellent VIDEO CHECKIN, to make a personal welcoming to your guests, even when you are not there!!! I could provide this coaching service also to other Los Angeles hosts, so I can pay for my flight and still have my few precious budget for my next wild low budget travelling adventure....  


THANKS for your attention and support!!!!!


Giuliana 🙂


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I want that.

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