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    Hi everyone, Many of you are eager for news about the next Airbnb Open, and while we can’t yet share details about where in the world it will be, we can tell you that it will be in 2018. After three fantastic years of Airbnb Open gatherings in San... Latest reply by Alexandra1159
    Day 2: Lunch Time 12:30,Parc de la Villette, ParisFetch your picnic box & go to the agreed meeting spot to eat An opportunity for the UK host community to say hello to each other during the Airbnb Open. To find out more about this and the WhatsApp group t...
    Just wondering how the conference will be bilingual? What percentage is is French and what percentage in English or is there techology to ensure all countries can understand the content. I remember seeing that it will be in both these languages but can't ... Latest reply by John-Richard-And-Hilde0
    Hi All, Just playing / testing in our new sandpit... that said, if you're coming to Paris this year for Airbnb Open then find our Attendees Group on the current Groups platform and join the conversation. https://www.airbnb.com/groups/2999 Cheers,Paul Latest reply by Deborah0
    A fellow host has asked me to find out what facilities and services will be provided for Airbnb Open 2015 attendees with special mobility needs. I was about to write a letter to the Hospitality team to enquire, but I thought I'd first ask some of you who ... Latest reply by Zaza-and-Kevin0
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    Hi everyone, Airbnb Open is happening soon! Are you going to attend? This is a temporary section where you can discuss everything that has to do with this year's event, and connect with other hosts you might meet there! Please note that this board w...