3 things you can do now to protect your space & guests


During this busy holiday travel season, we know that protecting your home and guests is important to you. Here are three things you can do now:


  1. Make sure you have working smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors. Check your home to see if you already have detectors. If not, we encourage hosts to install them. You can get a free combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector (and see some great safety tips) on our updated Home Safety page.


  1. Check to make sure your detectors are working. Already have smoke and CO detectors? That’s great. Test them now to ensure they are in good working order. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to test the device every month.


  1. Update your listing. Make sure your listing description is accurate. If your space has working smoke and CO detectors, update the amenities in your listing to let guests know. Guests now see the safety amenities in a more prominent way as they browse and select listings, so it’s more important than ever to include them.


We hope you’ll take a minute to check out these resources and make sure you have working detectors in your home. We’re committed to giving you the help you need to protect your space and guests.



Updated on December 23rd

We’re thrilled with the response we’ve gotten from all of you to our home safety program. Due to high demand, our global distribution partners may require some additional time to ship devices out. Please allow 4-8 weeks for your detectors to arrive—and keep in mind that shipping times may vary based on location.




The Airbnb Team

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Lorie in
Lawrence, KS
Level 4

I appreciate getting one for free!  A nice perk.

Javier in
New York, NY
Level 2

Placed my order. Thank you!!!

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