Airbnb Answers: A new claims process that’s faster and simpler for hosts


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You asked: What is Airbnb doing to better support hosts if things go wrong?


The short answer is: a lot! Before we dive in to the exciting changes we’re working on, there’s one important thing to keep in mind: Instances of property damage on Airbnb are quite rare. On average, significant claims of damage happen less than 0.004% of the time.
That means, you could host a new reservation every day for 63 years and never expect to have to file a significant damage claim.


But it’s true that accidents do happen, and if they do, we want your home and valuables to be protected. That’s why we created safeguards like the Security Deposit and $1 Million Host Guarantee in the first place, and that’s why we’re committed to making sure they work for you. 


We’ve heard from you that the process to access these safeguards feels like it takes too long and is too complicated. And that it’s hard to access your Security Deposit or get reimbursed through the Host Guarantee. And that’s unacceptable.


So we’re completely revamping the process for damage claims to make it more host-friendly. Here are four big changes you can expect:


Now, you’ll have more time

You used to have to report damages within 72 hours after check-out or before your next guest's check-in, whichever was earlier. Now you have 14 days, or before next guest's check-in, whichever is earlier. We’re also going to be giving you a lot more time to complete the claims process— it’s longer than two weeks now.


You don’t have to do as much legwork

We’ve reduced the amount of documentation required for most claims.


You can expect a fair payout

We’re now consistently including sales tax and other associated costs in our reimbursement to hosts.


You can expect quicker answers

We’ve revamped the way the Airbnb support team handles cases like these to make it faster and easier for hosts. Already, since we’ve introduced these improvements, claim-resolution time has decreased by more than 20% in the past few months.


We’re looking at the full picture here, and we realize we have a ways to go. But we’re actively working on making the entire experience better for you when you need support.


Thank you for your feedback on this important issue so far, and please keep letting us know how we can improve. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as more improvements roll out.


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Level 6

I think that a lot of why you have so few claims about property damage by guests is because it is so time consuming to make a claim. There have been many times when guests have broken house rules or damaged my property and I haven't made a claim. I am already busy taking care of the mess and it is often easier to pay for the damage myself, than go through all the red tape you require to make a claim


Online Community Manager in
London, United Kingdom
Online Community Manager

Thanks for your reply @Summer. This news must be music to your ears then. :)


I hope you will find these changes the team have been working on useful to you, if you do ever have to put in a claim. 


Thanks again for your thoughts here. I hope to speak with you more around the Community Center.





Maria in
Venice, Italy
Level 10

@Summer thy have broken my lavabo twice in my flat and I could never even get my security deposit!

So I am so happy airbnb is taken that into consideration now




Jess in
Eugene, OR
Level 10

I hope I don’t have to be one of the first ones to test out whether these platitudes hold any truth. I still wish Airbnb wouldn’t create smoke and mirrors about security deposits. If they don’t collect one, don’t tell your hosts to “set a security deposit” amount. That is dishonest. 

Danita in
Hampton, VA
Level 3

Charging a security deposit makes it less likely that a tenant will book. 

Douglas in
Albuquerque, NM
Level 1

 What do I exactly need to submit for a damage claim? The last time it occurred, it required me to get documentation of the cost.  I was out of town and the  timeframe was too short to get everything required. 

Lindsay in
Tulsa, OK
Level 3

I'm currently working through a claim with little or no answers or help from the claims department. The guest did about $5,000 worth of damage to my property and I've been getting the runaround from Airbnb. I hope this will change things, but I honestly doubt it after the disdain i've received thus far. If there was another platform to host as easily, I would have switched to it long ago to avoid dealing with Airbnb customer service ever again. 

Duane in
Stroudsburg, PA
Level 9

@Lindsay you'll get an offer of $250 to settle that claim just like everyone else. 

Lydia in
Cleveland, OH
Level 10

You left out the most important part, each time a guest destroy our homes this guest gives us a ONE star review and airbnb support this wishes act. When a host report a problem with a guest the review from the guest needs to be removed. No host can ever recover from a one star review. And I also agree that no host has the time or energy to report every damage eccapt very large once. 

Maria in
St. Louis, MO
Level 4

 It is also extermly unfair that the claim has to be reported _before_ the next guest checkes in. We have guests booked back to back and the time between check out and check in is TWO HOURS while cancelling on guests is penilized heavily by Airbnb. 

Furthermore, of course we don't want the claim to be filed _before_ the responsible guests leave a review! Most guests react badly and retaliate if asked to pay. I am yet to meet a guest simply adimitting to breaking something with "My bad, here is the $100 you requested". What is _even the point_ of the procedure requiring asking money from guests???

Maria in
Hellerup, Denmark
Level 1

That’s amazing news as I’m one of those still awaiting a claim and payout to a lot of damages done by a guest. It’s a very stressful situation and it has takes so long and makes me worried for upcoming bookings... What if anything should go wrong again etc. so I’m now contemplating cancelling those bookings as I just don’t feel confident I’m protected. I hope for others hosts in the future, they won’t have to experience a similar situation to mine. Fingers crossed! 

Roberto in
London, United Kingdom
Level 2

I wonder if this will apply to past claims also? Previous guests damaged my property, but they didn't admit it. I tried in all possible ways to understand what happened, because if it really wasn't them, then it meant that a pipe had broken down and I would have had to do major works. I told them to just tell me what happened, that it wasn't necessarily their fault, and maybe if they described exactly what happened, we could find out that there was some fault in my property. They finally admitted the issue - but then Airbnb used my words against me to say that the issue must have been in my property - even if I invited them to come and check as that wasn't the case, and even if it was quite clear how things went.


So if Airbnb puts in place these "tricks" not to pay the hosts and to say that a damage didn't happen, then this post is not going to solve the issue unfortunately. I think we need an injection of trust in the system, because at the moment it looks like Airbnb is just trying to get out of paying damages. 


This is not just based on my personal experience - a quick search on Reddit/Google shows that hosts just don't trust the Host Guarantee scheme.

David in
Chicago, IL
Level 2

I filed a claim six months ago against two guests who trashed my room, destroying one blanket and stealing another. The claim was not expensive (~$50), but I never heard a word. 

Hawa in
Snohomish, WA
Level 3

I have been mislead and made to wait for about 5 weeks. Every day Airbnb claims to have sent my file to the WRONG department and each time they claim to fix it. They don't process my claim or follow up. Airbnb rented my property to a 19 year old tenant when I clearly require my renters be 25 year or older. I required $500 security deposit, they failed to collect and I was left with $1000s in damages.  If a car can't be rented by younger than 25 and drinking isn't allowed under 21, why would you allow a 19 years old in my property.  Why is Airbnb treating me so badly by acting like nothing happened. Your hosts are the foundation of your business.  By undercutting and jerking them around, you're causing your company irreparable damage.  Why would you treat a host with 3 high quality homes like this?

You put me through a nightmare with the damages your negligence caused, yet you have done nothing to assist me in dealing with it. I'm waiting.....



Rentals One in
Boston, MA
Level 3

It's impractical to file a claim before the next guest checks in.  You need a better system.  Documentary evidence, such as a time-stamped picture or sworn affidavit should be sufficent.  A cleaner may be the only person to see things between guests, and an owner may not have an opportunity to file a claim before welcoming the next guest.


Reviews from guests where damage was claimed may have some utility to future guests, but they're also fraught.  Guest reviews should be tagged to show a claim was made against the guest, so it's possible to distinguish those reviews from unbiased reviews.  Those reviews should also be excluded from calculations such as star averages and superhost status.

Jim in
Greenville, SC
Level 2

One area that Airbnb could revisit is damage to property that includes cutting down trees! We have a mountain cabin in the woods. An admittedly drunken guest cut down 4 trees on our property and Airbnb wouldn’t allow damages because they considered the trees in the woods to be “standing timber” as if we were growing trees commercially. They are part of the natural landscape of our property, not a tree farm! That is just wrong!

Joshua in
Newport Beach, CA
Level 3

What about the extremely slow response time and lack of follow-up from your AirBnB claims people? Are you doing anything to improve that? I had a major theft by ‘guests’ who took just about everything in our home that wasn’t nailed down AND a TV that was MOUNTED to the wall. They cleaned us out. I submitted a claim along with pictures and video from my ring doorbell and a police report. NO ONE from AirBnB has followed up with me and I can’t get anyone on the phone. I spoke to one person who promised someone would call me back and guess what—- NOTHING!!! It’s been 3 months. 


Your claims department is a virtual black hole. You say that most guests are incident free and that’s great but when there IS an issue (especially one as aggregious as mine) where are you then??? and why are you not more proactively protecting your owners???

Al in
Cartagena, Colombia
Level 2

I have been hosting Airbnb guests since 2012 and have been an Airbnb Superhost for 15 consecutive quarters.  

I recently hosted 4 young men from Spain.  Although, clearly against our house rules they tried to sneak in sex workers, but the 24 hour custodian thwarted their efforts.  They took their anger and frustration out on our place by puncturing the mattress and sheets with a kitchen knife, hacked the wall, furniture and closet with the same knife.  Needless to say the knife was also damaged. There was also a couple of towels that were destroyed, a cup was broken, the kitchen countertop was damaged and the place smelled of smoke.  In all the damages were a little over $2,000.  Had I requested replacing the damaged furniture instead of simply requesting the furniture be repaired, the cost of damages would have been greater. 
I started by requesting the amount from the guest via the resolution center.  When the guest didn’t respond I got Airbnb involved.  I was asked to submit pictures, receipts and an estimate of repairs from a licensed contractor. After taking the time to gather and submit all of the requested documents I received the following email.


“Thank you for your patience throughout this process.

After reviewing the case details, I’ve processed $157 of your security deposit for the reported damage. You can view this payout in your Transaction history. 

This breaks down as:
1. Queen sheet: $42
2. Queen blanket: $87
3. Mattress cover: $16
4 Towels: $12

Please understand that any reimbursement must reflect the fair market value of the item in question, as well as any factorable depreciation. That's the reason of the amount reimbursed for the damaged items.

Regarding the mattress, the luggage rack, the knife, the granite work, the wall and the carpentry work, we don't cover normal wear and tear and deterioration.  Because the damage in question is so small and appears to have resulted from normal use over time, we will unfortunately be unable to provide compensation for these claims.

Thanks for informing that you are dropping the claims of the cup and the smoke odor.

Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns regarding this case.

Best regards,”


Although, the pictures clearly show the same distinctive knife marks on all of the claimed damages, Airbnb determined that this was from normal wear and tear!!!!!

The amount offered for the other damages does not cover the cost of replacing the items nor does it even cover the security deposit.

In conclusion,  I’d just like to warn other hosts not to rely on the security deposit or Host Guarantee and to be more selective when it comes to accepting guests into your home.



Cindy & Jason in
Park City, UT
Level 2

These are welcome changes. I've hosted thousands of guests and only had to file a claim two or three times. The most recent claim was against a guest who brought a cat to a no-pets listing that destroyed my leather couch. I took pictures of the litter and cans of cat food I found in the garbage after the guest checked out and attached them to my claim. I got the RUN AROUND from Airbnb to get my sofa repaired. Where was my million dollar host protection when I needed it? It was ridiculous. 

Level 1

Very disappointed in how Airbnb deals with claims. I had a renter recently use my place, ruined a $2000 paddleboard that was off limits and damage a few other things.  Supplied all the email documentation stating what was off limits and all Airbnb said was sorry you claim is not warranted.   Glad I lost money on that rental!! 


Ps...I’m still picking golf balls out of my waterfront because the renters felt my lake was a golf range.  

Level 2

I have experienced many losses through damages hosting Airbnb Guest and for the most part the worst experience was dealing with the Airbnb appointed team member.  I too have just dealt with losses on my behalf without filling claims because of the terrible experience. Airbnb should not allow the guest to reject the claim as a first option. If guest is dishonest they will just deny the entire claim without a care. Tjis has happen to me many times. 


Host required deposits should be handled by host themselves and not Airbnb. Host should not have to carry the extra burden of dealing with guest false denial claims on top of repairing the damages. 


In some cases, host should also be given the opportunity for compensation for time/work required to bring property back in order. In some cases it takes alot of time out your schedule to locate replacements and make repairs, all of which is a total loss.


Joshua in
Newport Beach, CA
Level 3

For those of you that have posted your grievances with the claims department on this community page- have you received any follow up response? I hope so but my guess is that you have not. Why are we keeping this confined to he AirBNB community page? I think it may be time to take these issues to a larger forum- FB, Twitter, our local news stations. If AirBnB won’t so much as acknowledge us ( the very ones they say they are protecting)  what are we still doing here??

Kenneth in
Austin, TX
Level 1

What about co-host being able to start a claim on behalf of the host. In our situation we had a guest smoke in our property and the next guest checked the same day. That does not give us any time to request a claim for damages. We are still trying to get our home back from the horrific smell. We have back to back booking and don’t have time to properly deal with this issue without canceling some of our current booking. 

Patricia in
Toronto, Canada
Level 1

Has anyone ever gotten reimbursed for any damage claims??? All I’m reading is negative experiences with claims.........Airbnb can you explain this please?

Victor in
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Level 2

I put a security deposit for a reason. But both times I tried to claim the security deposits you need to go through normal claims process.  If I call to claim the first thing is to put a hold on not returning the security deposit..  I have notoce also some guest book and seems as the security deposit not put on hold at all..  But glad to hear Airbnb is getting better on this..

Level 1

Will you be looking at older claims as well?  Last year, I had a guest cause several hundred dollars worth of damages to my home.  After submitting photos and prices as requested, you proposed that $40 was  a fair amount.  I was never reimbursed for my damages. 

Evonne in
Vancouver, Canada
Level 2

I have made one claim in the past that almost seemed more trouble than cleaning the mess. The last one I had put in 2 months ago I have never heard a peep back from anyone at airbnb. This after submitting all that was asked. Hopefully the new way will make it easier for the host.

Jiw in
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Level 10

Here I think AirBnB can just save a lot of cost and missed expectations by just stopping to claim that hosts can claim damages from AirBnB.   Just let go of this.  It already caused an insane amount of negative opinion from hosts and ex-hosts who had trouble with claims.


I think this is a remnant from the start-up days, when it was actually challenging to get people to open up their homes.  This is no longer the case. 


Also, whatever a guest does in a host's listing is fundamentally not something that AirBnB can control (beyond basic vetting), and therefore I don't think they need to take responsibility for it. I can think of no other online booking engine that does this for hotels or other hospitality providers.


Ultimately higher claims payouts lead to high costs both in the payout of claims itself and in the cost for staff to handle these cases.  These costs have to come from somewhere and I bet it's not Brian's pocket, so inevitably this leads to higher host fees or higher guest fees, both of which result in reduced income for all hosts. 


In my case damage has been very minor and whatever damage did occur, guests were really good at paying for it.  (e.g. a guest managed to break a wash basin).   I wouldn't even think to claim this with AirBnB: they didn't break the thing and even if the guest wouldn't pay for it then the cost is really negligible all things considered.  The major impact is always the time and effort taken to get it fixed, which doesn't go away by getting a bit of money some day.  Damages really don't impact my bottom line no matter if it's the guest who pays for it, me who pays for it, or AirBnB who pays for it.

Debbie in
England, United Kingdom
Level 2

I had a guest lie at point of booking just so he could get into the property, then proceed to remove a full length mirror from my landing and damage it. Lastly one guest stole one of our dressing gowns provided for guests use.

When I put in a claim I was asked for receipts. I had one for the mirror but not the dressing gown. I also had a copy of the guests itinery (bridal party), which clearly showed that the extended check out time we agreed to was going to be overrun by 1 1/2 hours. All evidence was shown to Airbnb who agreed to covering the cost of additional cleaners to enable us to turn the property around for the next guests. The dressing gown was returned a week later so that claim was dropped. The mirror which cost £130 and was 18 months old was paid by Airbnb on a wear and tear basis £70. Who knew that looking into a mirror denoted wear and tear! I have since removed my property.

Geoff in
Kansas City, MO
Level 2

Unfortunately, Duane is exactly correct.  We had a guest trash our place including destroying all bedding and leaving cigarette burns in the rug (non-smoking property).  airbnb gave us the runaround even though we had a security deposit in place.  They even went so far as to tell us that the rug was still useable with cigarette burns in it.  That's certainly not how we provide a 5 star experience!


I had no idea before this incident that the security deposit was fake.  With all other rental properties and sites the security deposit is there to protect the owner.  We even had written communication from the guest that they had caused the damage.  We had about $1,500 worth of damage and ended up getting a fraction of that.


As someone else mentioned the claims rate is likely so low because nobody wants to file a claim.  I would never bother with it again.

João in
State of São Paulo, Brazil
Level 1

I believe you just have fewer claims because is almost impossible get the insurance. I started this year rent my house through Airbnb and I already had 4 problems of itens missing or broken. And I couldn’t receive any dollar back from the insurance. One time my guest destroyed two chairs, one mattress and Airbnb want pay me 10 dollars. What is nothing what it cost to repair. The Airbnb employees are not very trained to respond this  cases

Level 1

Yes I second that the Airbnb claim process is a joke.

I had  a party of 4 that checked in. We identified 7 individuals living in our property at one point.
We even had a picture of the 7 tooth brushes, inflatable matress etc.
Airbnb took the guests side which denied everything.

Unfortunately airbnb puts more emphasis on keeping the guests happy than the hosts.

Am in
Chon Buri, Thailand
Level 2

After two years, after Customer damages the sofa two times until now sending documents and receipts to Airbnb, I couldn’t receive any security deposit!!!! It’s very funny airbnb asks me to make them a report why the skin of sofa is damaged! However I sent the receipt and bill of the repaired sofa including pictures and everything and very rude they rejected me as a super host. I think if airbnb not trust their hosts then Why would we trust airbnb to put our apartments on this website to host the people and the company which are not responsible for it!!! I hope someday you know the value of your hosts.

Amanda in
Manly, Australia
Level 2

Personally I was shocked at the fact I had allocated a security deposit in case of damage and when I had tenants create damage I was not able to access it. I had a claim I made and never heard back.

I tried contacting tenants and they denied it. So I was out of pocket $150. In my experience it was my word against there word and they won. Since then I have not made any other claims and thought it was a joke to have this on the account and have no understanding under what circumstances it would be paid.  I can’t see these changes making any improvement to this issue. 

Level 1

I feel Airbnb should collect the security deposit and have it on hold for at least 7 days so if you have a claim

You may recover it out of the deposit without having to ask your guest "permission" from them to collect. I had two claims which were only about $50 but the guest denied payment. That's what a security deposit is for. Just collect it up front!

Lada in
Toronto, Canada
Level 1

Apart from property damage, there is an issue of clients who have mental illness. We had a client who came to our home, left his belongings in our appartment, parked his car, and then went away, texted us that he is afraid of us and even called the police!!! police never came, but we spent 4 hours begging him to take away his belongings and his car and he would say to me things like" What if you would lock me in your garage?". Finally he got tired of this game, took his things and went away. We have reported this accident to airbnb and...the guy's profile is still there!!!

I've seen other stories of people with mental issues which create problems for their hosts and airbnb leves them on the platform as if nothing happened. Once we were to accept a fellow who had mixed reviews but when we have read that he was smoking in his host's room, we decided to decline him and explained honestly the reason for our decision. He became verbally absusive, and when we pointed it out to airbnb, nothing was done either.

It's as if airbnb wishes to include everyone no matter what. It does not work, because each time we are faced one to one with a traumatic experience of dealing with a crazy person, we start thinking of shutting down the whole operation.

I think it is a serious problem which should be paid attention to.

Sharon in
San Diego, CA
Level 2

We only discovered damage was done by the last guest when we went to inspect the property some 4 weeks after they left. As it was the end of the season and we don't live in the city our property is, we had no need to rush and do an inspection. Of course this was too late for ABB and all I got was the runaround which took me 4 weeks and no claim back (approx. $330 worth of damage).

It's left me with a feeling that ABB don’t care about their hosts once they have their money. I've seriously considered pulling out of ABB after this. It’s not about the cost its more about the lack of support from ABB.

Oh but you must give a review in a timely manner and you cannot cancel bookings otherwise ABB will drop you. All one sided!

Surendra in
Lucknow, India
Level 2

Recently, we have a guest from airbnb. He was given 5 keys for the apartment, wardrobe etc. He has lost one key. He has never accepted that he has lost any key from the bunch. Now what shall we do? We do not have a duplicate key and the lock can not be used. For this small matter I can not inform airbnb too. Now if I say something harsher to the guest then my raitings will go poorer. I think that airbnb guys shoud think about all this. 

IManageAir-Bnb in
Ontario, Canada
Level 2

This is great to hear and I appreciate that Airbnb is trying hard to improve this as they always do.  I have an additional concern though regarding damage claims which involves reviews. I don't think it's right that some hosts are afraid to make a valid damage claim in fear of getting a bad review. Last time I made a claim because the guest smoked in the lsitings and caused other damages which the guest admitted to but then left me a one star review on my superhost account and told severla lies about the listing. Airbnb refused to remove it. This seems to still be a bit of a flaw in the system. Some guests get angry that you have asked them to compensate for damanges and retaliate in their review which is completely unfair to the host.

Surendra in
Lucknow, India
Level 2

I agree.

Sada in
Krabi, Thailand
Level 1


Level 1

What happens when small details are missing , like hair dry,  towels , sheets etc ? It’s possible to do a claim ?  There only for damages ? 

Sean in
Canterbury, New Zealand
Level 2

The biggest problem is the time frame, we have back to back bookings constantly and have no time to work lodge claims before the next booking starts, 


i have this issue at the moment, i used the resolution centre thinking air bnb would assist with this but they couldnt care less, i recieved the rudest arrogant message back from airbnb saying that the claim didnt count, im still not sure why but assume its because we didnt log the claim before the next guest.


We have 2 cottages and host a huge number of guests a year and airbnb couldnt care less, now im up for replacing a 1 year old benchtop because airbnb duck for cover anytime someone tries to use their airbnb insurance cover.

I assume the .04 percent of claims is based on what Airbnb actually pay out not what claims are lodged! 

Daniela Vincenzo Skol Marbella in
Marbella, Spain
Level 2

we're property managers and we get our apartments trashed every now and then, regardless of the platform they have booked through and the only way to guarantee a security deposit is to collect it in cash on arrival and give it back to tenants after departure.

Which is not allowed, I understand, but if guests do not play by the rules, why should we?

Hilary in
Torquay, United Kingdom
Level 1

This is our 10th year offering holiday rents.  With the other site we use and direct bookings I ask for and willingly receive, a modest returnable breakage deposit.  This is returned promptly on exit.  Yes it's a bit of bother but it keeps guests focused and has worked well for us.  This sum will not cover large damage but isn't what insurance is for?

It annoys me that Air does not allow us the option request a breakage deposit.  It doesn't sound as if their alternative is very user friendly.....

Daniel in
Fort Wayne, IN
Level 2

Wow, a whole lot of distrust for the host guarantee / damages program!

Mary in
Halifax, Canada
Level 1

I agree that the time to make the claim is unreasonable when you are busy preparing for the next guest which may be that same day. This is unreasonable. What about this liability insurance that you offer? Is there nothing there that supports large scale damage by guests? Not enough support with lots of promises.

Jeffrey in
Los Angeles, CA
Level 2

These changes are not enough. The policy of reporting before the next check-in is absurd. I have many times where guests check-out and check-in within hours of each other. There’s no time to get costs let alone receipts in before the next guest checks in. Furthermore, this new policy doesn’t address one of the biggest problems I face and am rarely compensated for is guests who rob me of per person fees by booking for a few people and bringing 20. There’s no difference between not paying or walking out the fron door with a tv and Airbnb does not enforce or compensate me unless I go through the entire stay’s worth of video footage and make each person’s entry and exit and even then I’m not compensated. Additionally, when claims are entered, it usually results in retaliatory reviews which have affected my overall rating and superhost status. Completely unfair and this policy ‘improvement’ as it’s described, is vague and I don’t feel it’s going to change much. 

Level 1

If Airbnb was really serious about keeping hosts happy they would:


1. Require guests to list the names and ages of everyone on a reservation.

2. Have an electronic signature engine to allow hosts to get a signed rental agreement that will hold up in court.

3. Not allow guests to post a review if they violate the house rules or have a damage claim against them.


We have rented our mountain cabin for 11 years (before Airbnb was even formed) using VRBO, our own website and Airbnb.  We stopped hosting this year beause too many guests caused damage, created extra cleaning, tried to sneak in additional guests, etc.  

Shawn & Cheryl in
Wiarton, Canada
Level 2

We would like to bring up a subject we believe needs to be discussed.  Bodily fluids.  Hosting has its perks but when you are up against vomit, feces and bodily fluids it ups the ante.  With so many contractable superbugs out there, gloving up and donning a mask prior to clean up is essential.  The downtime to address such messes negatively impact hosting capabilities and costs more to clean.  Our losses from only one such incident (we've had only two, thank goodness) included bedding, 2 floor mats, 3 bath towels, and pillow. Let alone the extenuating cleanup costs.  For the record, the guest denied responsibility.   In such cases we feel the "guest" should incur not only property loss costs but bio-hazard cleanup costs as well.  


The fact that the claim process has been revised will make it more likely that such claims can and will be made.  


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