Hosts house 50,000 refugees of the Ukraine crisis

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On June 20, World Refugee Day, announced that more than 50,000 people fleeing Ukraine have found temporary housing, many through our generous Host community. You can learn more about this important work, and watch a video featuring Hosts, right here


But the hard work must go on. continues to work with more than 40 supporting organizations to provide stays for refugees of the Ukraine crisis and other asylum-seekers around the world. As the conflict in Ukraine continues, is now expanding its partnerships to include nonprofits in the U.S. and Canada, and is seeking Hosts in these countries to provide temporary stays for newcomers arriving from Ukraine.


Have you opened your home to a person or family in need of emergency housing? 


Please tell us about it and help inspire more Hosts to get involved—we’d love for you to share your stories.

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Re: Hosts house 50,000 refugees of the Ukraine crisis

London, United Kingdom
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I have not yet opened my home to refugees from Ukraine, but I did sign up to back in early April. Around mid-May, I got a general message thanking me and telling me what to expect, but have not been contacted since.


I am guessing it's because, back in early April, I had quite a few bookings coming up and I still do for the summer. Still, because I host long stays, I often have gaps of 1-2.5 weeks in between them. Perhaps these could be of use? I don't know.


Anyway, I am glad that refugees have been able to find housing in part due to the effort of Airbnb hosts.