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Earlier this year, Airbnb announced that it was expanding its rewards program for Superhosts. Several new benefits were introduced, including an extra 20% cash bonus for referring new hosts. (Hosts can make up to $600 in referrals, depending on their location.) That’s in addition to the benefits Superhosts have long enjoyed, like priority placement in search results and the Superhost profile badge.


Since then, the Airbnb team has done more research to improve the Superhost experience even more. That’s why they’ve decided to adjust certain rewards to focus on the most impactful benefits. The goal is to expand the rewards program in the next year or so. Stay tuned for announcements on this— hopefully by early 2019.


If you’re a Superhost and want to learn more, log in to your account and visit the Superhost rewards portal.


The Airbnb team would love to hear your thoughts on Superhost rewards. Which benefits do you enjoy most? Which new benefits would you like to see?


We look forward to hearing from you on this one.


Legal disclaimer: By selecting "Post", you agree to share your ideas publicly and without any expectation of confidentiality or compensation of any kind. While Airbnb welcomes your contributions, Airbnb may be working independently on similar policies, products, or features, and may choose to review and/or implement your ideas in its sole discretion. You also agree that the and apply to your use of this and all Community Center pages.

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Ute in
Level 10


Superhosts should be granted the priviledge, to refuse / cancel 3 reservations per year for no reason at all..


Also they should be granted to withdraw 1 - 3 guest reviews without having to give any reason.


Sarah in
Sayulita, Mexico
Level 10

I'd like to see Superhosts rank well in search even if they don't choose to use Instant Book. 90% of my guests have told me they would never use Instant Book, for the same reasons I don't as a host.

Martin in
Brisbane, Australia
Level 4

I’m a Super Host from Brisbane Australia & when I travel as an Airbnb guest which is  often, using the Airbnb filter search for Super Hosts, this way I know it’s a quality stay, then on leaving the Super Hosts property my feed back let’s all future inquiries the benefits of an Airbnb Super Host 

Alan in
Ottawa, Canada
Level 9

I've been a super host for years and I have concluded it means nothing.  I received the offer a few days ago of having a "professional photographer" photograph my place, and the fee of $ 149 being waived would be my reward.  Okay, I requested the offer.  Then the photographer sends me a note about booking the time.  Let me tell you what AIRBNB considers to be a "professional":  This fellow sends me the note, and similar to guest pictures he has a picture of himself.  He is sitting in a chair, dark surroundings, and has torn/ripped jeans on both pant legs.  These are not the type of jeans you buy pre-torn and pre-ripped, these are just a lousy pair of jeans.  Ask yourself this; should a photopgrapher have a really poor photo of themselves when they present themselves to you?  I cancelled the request.  My photos have worked well for the last several years, and I have no time for this poor level of "professionalism".  I initially thought the rewards program was of value, then concluded it was little true value, and now know it is a joke / insult.  I'll continue to offer superb service to guests, but not because of what AIRBNB offers me, which, frankly is nothing.  If I offered the standard of customer serice, and perks AIRBNB offers super hosts, I would have to lower my standards, alot.

Online Community Manager in
London, United Kingdom
Online Community Manager

Hello @Alan,


Welcome to the Community Center. 


Thanks for sharing your feedback on the Superhost program. I am sorry to hear you are unhappy with it and that you didn't want to go ahead with your photography session, perhaps you could use the $100 travel credit and go somewhere nice instead. 


We are always aiming to continually improve the different Airbnb programs and so it would be really helpful to hear what ideas you have to make this better and things you would like to see. 


Thanks in advance.


Coco in
Sydney, Australia
Level 3

Hello Lizzie,


I was airbnb photographer one year ago. I put it on hold because I was busy with hosting my properties. But now I can't find my photography dashboard any where. I called airbnb help line. But so far no luck. Could you look in to this please.

I also feel the photographer service has declined, I was offered for a special photoshoot for Airbnb Plus. The photographer canceled the booked just one hour before arriving. I wast a day preparing my apartment. 
Kind regards,
Dennis Hong in
Ipoh, Malaysia
Level 1

Reward? appreciate if I could get 20 days of my apartment being booked :) that is your reward to me

Coco in
Sydney, Australia
Level 3

For me personaly I don't feel Airbnb Plus benfit superhost. I feel I miss out more bookings, also my other superhost friends too. Just feel some guests have trouble to find us because they don't know how to swich off the Plus button. And to get on the Plus listing is painfuly slow and requst a lot changes...... 

Joanne in
Port Douglas, Australia
Level 9

Love the idea of being rewarded with $100 travel vouchers. That would make me a happy Superhost 😄

Kris in
Level 1

Hi, I had a great experience with the photograher AirBNB organised for me.  Very professinal and photos turning out fantastic.  You should give it a go, you can always go back to your old photos if you're not happy with what they do.  

Eric & Uru in
Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Level 10

Cash incentives for Superhosts don't work. 



1. Give us higher search rankings than non superhosts. 

2. Ability to have up to 2 cancellations for no reason 

3. Ability to have 2 reviews to be deleted for no reason

4. Still get compensated 50% amount for any cancellations even in the event of natural disasters

     if you have strict cancellation policy enabled.

    (As some of here do Airbnb full time. How is that income going to be replaced?) 

5. Provide a points reward system for Superhosts (even guests) just like hotels and airlines. 


Ryan in
Level 6

As a superhost I had to accept ungrateful and unrespectful people through instant booking in fears of having cancellation penalty, received fake reviews on purpose without being able to do anything even with Proofs.

Ganesh in
Udupi, India
Level 6

1) As a Indian, $100 which you offered me for maintaining super host status for year long was joke! Because as per your terms I have to go outside India to spend it! Better think about something else like cash reward of $100 for Indians like us will be better.

2) Day by day you are making our homes as hotel. First you introduced instant booking then now new requirement of "Accepted Reservations" And giving us to maintain target of 88%. We are hosting at home, we cannot host people who book like a hotel without reading complete listing!


Level 5

I see a lot of superhosts requesting exemptions, the right to remove three reviews etc etc etc. you earn a Superhost status because you are a brilliant host which turns negatives into positives - giving guests , even the tricky ones , the best possible experience .  Stop complaining about the limitations and live up to the high standards - this is what separates you from all other hosts .   There will always be less favorable  reviews but that’s life . Sorry guys - suck it up :)

Mary in
Bratislava, Slovakia
Level 4

Superhost a should have discount when using Airbnb as travelers. Lets say 20%. I also use it when travel, its always a n. 1.choice to find a place via Airbnb for my holidays or travels. 

Nat in
Sofia, Bulgaria
Level 4

I am happy with the better visibility we get as Superhosts as well as the 100$ reward (yet one should be able to split it and use it in any country he/she wants). Also removing a comment or two would be great as usually the guests are fantastic people but you always get the occasional one who is disrespectful, demanding and never pleased with anything. 

Christine in
Port Macquarie, Australia
Level 3

As a super host, I have appreciated 2 of the travel vouchers, but in this hugely successful company a few rewards should be offered.

I suggest every 100 rewards you get a , like bank interest ! I recently got my 500th review and not an email from anyone!

I agree that you should be able to cancel 1 or 2 each year.


Heather in
Hastings, United Kingdom
Level 5

I don’t think we should feel under pressure to accept every guest. If my family are away and I’m alone in the house I feel more comfortable accepting couples or women rather than a single man. It’s my home and I have to feel safe and trust my instincts.

Josip in
Šibenik, Croatia
Level 2

As a superhost, I would like to be able to pay for my trips using the money I earned by hosting. This would make it easier for hosts to make a booking.



There already exists possibility to set a limit for minimum payout by Airbnb. Let's say that I have amount of X there and I make booking for the price of Y. After this I would have X-Y left for payout.

Branka & Silvia in
Zagreb, Croatia
Level 10

 100$ reward is very nice . This month I spent 2 relaxing days with my friend and our dogs on the coast. It was my first Airbnb trip and it was great!  Tnx :)

The best reward is a priority help line :)





Level 4

Dear Lizzie

As a truly committed Super host who is currently enduring abusive and physically threatening phone calls from a recent guest following a bad review by me ALL I ASK FOR IS A PROFESSIONAL AND EFFICIENT SUPPORT SYSTEM TO HELP ME DEAL WITH THIS SITUATION!

So far I have been told repeatedly it is not their problem!


Marlous in
Melbourne, Australia
Level 2

This is the second time I have received a $100 reward to put towards a booking and I greatly appreciate it as we use Airbnb when we are travelling as much as we can.

Susan in
Hythe, United Kingdom
Level 4

I agree that we should be able to discount a bad review just because the reviewer hadn't read the listing properly for example, and was therefore disappointed with their stay. It is surprising how big an impact a poor review has on a listing that otherwise hase mostly 5 star reviews.

Kira in
Canary Islands, Spain
Level 2

I'm a superhost for the second time. I apriciate the fast response from the help center and my direct contact person from airbnb. 


Keep us posted! Would love to know more about these new rewards♡

Erik in
London, United Kingdom
Level 1

 I am a super host but because we don’t use instant book, because we want to review who books our home we are actually the last flat to show up in searches of our area. To offset this “penalty” we offer our place out for about £60 less than  other professional hosts who use instant book and appear to be breaking London’s rules about AirBnB. 


This really turns us off the platform. It is not as much a community anymore, it is targeted to people who use it as a full time business. 

Thais in
Chippendale, Australia
Level 3

I also would like discounts when using Airbnb as a traveller. The $100 is nice but doesn’t go very far...

i love having the direct help line, it makes  hosting a lot easier! Thank you! 

Frank in
Skärblacka, Sweden
Level 2

I like freebies. A year’s supply of soap and toilet paper for my guests would be nice.

Laszlo in
Budapest, Hungary
Level 1

I’d appreciate if superhosts could gain detailed insight on the demand side. As an example I think it would be really rewarding to have some info about the number of travelers’ searches for any given date range. Ratio of already booked/available properties could also help. Surely there are tons of data and some very basic queries could be of our benefit.

Jacky in
New South Wales, Australia
Level 1

I enjoy the cash bonus.  Encourages us to use Airbnb as well. Should be able to use it on more than one transaction though. 

I don’t think we should be pressured to use instant booking I like to be a bit cautious with who I have staying in my home and often interact with them prior. 

Love being a host

Kumari in
Melbourne, Australia
Level 6

I love hosting with Airbnb and also love travelling and exploring my home country, Australia, and other parts of the world, mainly as an Airbnb guest. So, I’d love to see the $100 credit voucher extended in some way.....perhaps $100 credit for the first year of being a Superhost, then and additional $50 for each year of consecutive Superhost status. Ie. $150 for second consecutive year, $200 for 3rd consecutive year etc. Probably capped at some stage so it didn’t become a ridiculous amount.

Kumari in
Melbourne, Australia
Level 6

Another ‘reward’ would be to take heed of all the feedback that hosts (and guests) have been providing about the misunderstandings caused and difficulties experienced because reviews are no longer posted chronologically. PLEASE review this so guests are reading the most current and relevant reviews when selecting listings.

Tamara in
Rovinj, Croatia
Level 1

Maybe all superhost would feel appreciated if Airbnb as a reward would not charge them airbnb fees when they travel. Or at list charge only 50% or less of their fees, so Airbnb would feel more like “home” for the superhosts. (Just an idea) 

Than if guests dammage property or brake house rools written on listing and previously accepted by booking than superhost (and really all hosts) should be able lo expell the guests and the finding of new accomodation should not be a responsability of the host who expelled guests for damaging property or showing up with more persons than the booking stated. (Never happened to us) 

And would be great if there were not time limitation to use the coupon for traveling. 

Dawn A in
New Jersey, United States
Level 1

How do I receive the $100 travel credit if I'm a superhost?

Laurie in
Hamilton, Canada
Level 3

Some people (myself included) never give 5 star (aka) perfect reviews.


Nothing or nobody is perfect, therefore 5 stars is impossible to achieve.


*this is in response to the Martin who objects to people asking for the ability to remove a negative review.


Personally, I’d like the instant book requirement removed for search priorities, and the ability to cancel 1 or 2 bookings a year.

Online Community Manager in
London, United Kingdom
Online Community Manager

Aww this is great to hear @Branka & Silvia. I am very pleased to hear you are taking some time to relax, I know how busy you are with hosting. I hope the weather was nice for you. Croatia has such a beautiful coastline, I hope your dogs also enjoyed themselves. :)


Online Community Manager in
London, United Kingdom
Online Community Manager

Hello @Suzie,


Lovely to meet you, I am very sorry to hear you are experiencing this with your recent guest. Just a couple of things, are you able to block the calls you are receiving? 


Also, in case you aren't aware you can also flag a person on your Airbnb profile, if you go to their Airbnb profile, underneath their name, you will see a little flag button. It looks like this: 

Screenshot 2018-10-25 at 15.25.33.png


Also, I would try contacting our Support Team again to speak with someone again about this. Here is a useful Community Guide on the different ways to reach them. 


I really hope you get this resolved shortly.




Online Community Manager in
London, United Kingdom
Online Community Manager

This how fantastic, @Marlous


Where will your next destination be, do you think? 


Online Community Manager in
London, United Kingdom
Online Community Manager

Hello @Thais ,


Great to meet you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.


A host elsewhere in the CC mentioned they would like the ability to save up travel credit, so say wait 2 years and have $200 to spend instead. Do you think this would be something you would like? 

Online Community Manager in
London, United Kingdom
Online Community Manager

Aw, very interesting idea @Frank. I wonder, as there are so many different types of soap/toiletries out there, how do you think the best way to do this would be? 

Jill in
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Level 4

The most important feature of being a Superhost for me is the cs Superhost hotline. The most disturbing part about hosting at all is that Airbnb allows guests to leave reviews even when they have been reported and cs sides with the host. The review is not the problem because Airbnb will delete if necessary and the host can rebuke the comments. The problem is Airbnb insists the star rating  is computer generated and can’t be removed which negatively impacts Superhost status. Also, regarding reviews and star ratings, guests can post a review even if they never showed up for the reservation. Pretty crazy. Policy should be changed immediately!

Online Community Manager in
London, United Kingdom
Online Community Manager

Hello @Dawn A,


Nice to meet you. 


If you retains your Superhost status for 4 quarters (1 year), then you receive the $100 travel credit. :) 


Are you close to this, do you think?

Robert And Laura in
Sopchoppy, FL
Level 3

I am a Superhost because I never use instabook. I run our Airbnb as a Lodge and work as the Ambassador for our area. Screening the correct matches with our skills and region defines what we do and why we do it. This is important work for us and a mission to share andctech as well. People that don't match our offering will never  appreciate where they are or why they are there. Superhosts should not be pressured to use instabook it is  contrary to the mission of Airbnb. 

Martin in
Penn, United Kingdom
Level 1

I've been a host since mid April this year and have been fortunate to have had my place pretty well fully booked since then. It's quietened down a bit by comparison but I have some bookings up to and over Christmas and one already for next year! It's been quite an experience and learning curve and feel we have nailed all the issues that make life agreeable to guests, my neighbour and my utterly brilliant house-keeper, who  really should be the superhost. All I do is sit at this keyboard!!


I'm sure I will sound a bit smug to some but the levels of booking, the income, all the great guests and their lovely reviews are reward in themselves. I access the site solely to deal with guests as their stay approaches or as a guest. AIRBNB is great during my golfing travels and family holidays. 


Reading these posts I didn't realise how intensified some superhosts' are, especially about rewards. Are they 'on a mission' to reach some 'heights of commercial omnipotence?'  I don't know about others but I look at my AIRBNB existence as fun with some extra income, not a military-style campaign.


I am not one to pontificate about rewards. So AIRBNB, if I am eligible for $100 would you kindly donate it to a dementia charity of your choice please, if that's possible? I am not one to  seek discounts from other hosts merely because I am a superhost. Hosts earn their income and shouldn't have to give discounts unless they choose to. 


As for online reviews am I right in suggesting that you don't have to make a review and your guests' reviews won't go public until you've posted yours? So if you detect an unfair poor review is on its way, then don't enter yours. My host in Poland recently didn't review me, for whatever reason, but maybe as I made contact about poor wi-fi and tv set-ups and nothing was done. We can of course report poor guests through other channels if they disrespect our places. If by not providing a review I lose my superhost status then I can live with that. As said, my experiences in my first year have been the reward.



Ronald in
New York, United States
Level 2

Hi. I'm Joica. On the last week of September, a young woman booked with me for the weekend. Said it was her BIRTHDAY.  Said there will be a total of 5 girls in my home.  So, I got her a little bracelet and a birthday card as a gift. Then got my house ready to accommodate 5 people. 


Turns out, she had 20 PEOPLE IN MY HOME! They DESTROYED MY HOME! PUNCHED a hole STRAIGHT THROUGH  my BEDROOM DOOR! A WHOLE IN MY KITCHEN WALL! Busted out 2 KITCHEN CABINETS! BROKE MY WHOLE TOILET! BROKE my Handrail,  my ottoman,  dining room chair,  vase, TORE UP MY FLOORS, DESTROYED MY COUCHES, STOLE 2 BRACELETS that were given to me as Graduation gifts from my mom and grandmom and stole a pair of GUCCI sneakers! 


People in my quiet neighborhood heard them FIGHTING in my home! And the fight spilled OUTSIDE of my home WHICH THEY RECORDED! All of this took place at 5 IN THE MORNING!!! The Video footage was sent to me along with statements,  concerns and complaints!'s the best part....AIRBNB SENT THEM TO ME!   I have sent Airbnb EVERYTHING that they requested of me...3 WEEKS AGO! And NO ONE and I mean NO ONE HAS CONTACTED ME! 




I call Airbnb 3 TIMES A DAY.....EVERY! SINGLE! DAY!!  You would THINK they would show some support my way by helping me and my family to stay somewhere else ON THEM! But, NOPE! As it stands....I STILL HAVEN'T HEARD FROM ANYONE! 




The sad part about this is...I though I was family.  I thought I could depend on them. 

Beth in
New York, NY
Level 2

If you are giving $100 credits for Superhosts why can’t we use it for experiences too?

Stefan in
Bonn, Germany
Level 1

Dear Airbnb,

thanks for starting a discussion on Superhost rewards.


I have to agree that as a host no matter how super, I would like it get some an answer if I have questions (which usually works great). I like the $100 voucher and think it is a "win-win" as for you it is much better than "real $ 100" and for me its a nice treat even though I might book something in total for more than $ 100.


On the Potography deal - I know what a real professional potographer costs - and I would rather book him if I would want my flat to look like "wow". I however want my guests to get a "real" view of what they will buy. So I took some honest - but still positive shaped pictures. I think however e.g. me taking pictures of someone elses house with a profi camera isn't worth it, so I wouldn't choose it.


As its close to christmas - what do I wish from Airbnb: Do not take too much money from my guests. If I enter a price in the calendar - its not the final price - its a "fake price", because you will add a charge to my guest which I will not see at that time and you will even deduct some dollars from that price I see as another charge from me. I know its your business model to take money from both, but it seems a little greedy if it is more than $5 and its reasonably more. Because not you are providing a service - its me. You only arrange for the "match".


Some years ago, that "match" was more special to me. The people were expecting more of a home place and not a "serviced appartment". Nowadays, as many more people use airbnb that spirit gets lost more and more.


My guests than rates me on that service on a scale you provide and seem to like it. Still, I think a) the scale is a little uneven - I can't rate the guest in the same ways, he rates my flat. Was he as good looking as on the picture?  fun to interact with? did he have 1000 special requests (which I most probably happily solved, but probably next time I would not want to have him again, even though in general I would recommend him to another host, as he will not steal the furniture or make a party in the house) ? did he even bring a host gift? (or what should I expect from a 5-Star-Guest?) For the flat the rating seems much more important than for him as a guest? Why is that? Couldn't I also choose guests because they are "real 5 Star guests" - or at least give some an incentive to become more of a 5 star guest?

On the rating for the flat - please tell the hosts that you are asking the guests for the feedback. I made a checklist that I will tell every guest where he finds all the stuff you ask for (shampoo, soap, towels, etc.). At my place it would be obvious to find them, but I don't want any smartass to rate me 4 Stars because he doesn't remember or I just didn't tell him that "of course" the soap close to the lavatory tap he can use. Also please help me and the guests with the definitions - whats 4 star compared to 5 star. And that less than 4 stars is a really really bad ranting (at least for me as a superhost). I sometimes have the feeling that the ratings have a cultural dimension - type a rates always 5 stars, type b can be very picky.


I want to address some thoughts on me as a potential guest as well: If I book a trip, I sometimes compare to Booking - where I also get a priceoff as a "frequent user" and even cashback from other sources. I don't get these things in Airbnb - which is the main reason for not booking airbnbs if I don't. Is Airbnb to greedy to participate in such programs?


More and more "stylish places" are popping up on airbnb - so instead of an "airbed and breakfast", it becomes rather like "secret escapes". Upside: Cooler places. Downsite: The personal touch and the "home" feeling is lost. Fear: "Usual place owners" like me might become unattractive for Airbnb/cannot "compete" with superfancy lofts/castles/islands.


Further: If I own a "for rent only property" - I would be kind of a hostel/hotel. So anyone on e.g. Booking could also just pick my phone number or google my page and just contact me to ask for my "non airbnb" rate. Airbnb wouldn't get a cent. - A "hotel professional" doesn't necessarily need a plattform like airbnb - there are plenty others out there already where the loft/castle/island maybe is also placed. A sharing economy friend like me however would like to have airbnb as a plattform rather than the others.


Unlike some other superhosts, I like to book out my very central place for the "highest amount of money", not "most of the time". I have the feeling, that Airbnb dillutes prices in my area as other hosts who might follow the airbnb recommendations usually start with lower rates. There are actually no days where airbnb would recommend to me to rise prices, even though there are e.g. big UN events in my city and anyone would know the entire hotels in the city are already booked and prices are up quite much. Or also around the carnival time - no suggestion to rise the prices ... why not? Hotels will cost much much more or just not be available any more.


My last questions

- How does the "level" system for Superhosts work here?

- Will differentiation in superhosts come? (bronze/silver/gold superhost? based on performance parameters? - if yes, please at least get me some royalties for the idea, even though I might hate the implementation)


I hope my feedback helps and I wish you a great morning/day/evening - depending on which part of the world you are.

Yours, Stefan


In case you want to discuss this any further feel free to contact me. I would be happy to consult you professionally (starting at a get-to-know rate of $ 1000 per day basis). Looking forward :)

Evelyn in
Brewster, MA
Level 1

With 43 Airbnb bookings so far this year, we are happily exhausted. The $100 voucher is nice but not nearly enough to give us the restful vacation we need. How about a cruise or vacation option just for Superhosts, or a bigger voucher? That would make us very happy. 

Rhonda in
Redcliffe, Australia
Level 2

I agree that being a Superhost means nothing.  Airbnb do nothing for me as a host.  I had guests who stole items from my home and basically trashed the place, when I contacted Airbnb to report the guest, they said they could do nothing unless the police contacted them.  

After distatesful experiences like this I believe a superhost should be able to cancel/refuse at least 2 bookings, and remove at least 2 unwarrented negative reviews.  It does not matter how good you are as a host, there are some negative people you simply cannot please, and I don't think it's fair that they can write whatever they like without consequences.


Anita in
Garrison, NY
Level 1

The only reward I would like is some Airbnb stock when you go public. Thank you.

Cynthia in
Atlanta, GA
Level 2

I'm hosting to augment a painfully insufficient Social Security income. I can not afford to travel - period! - so getting $100 credit to use on lodging elsewhere is a non-starter.  I'd rather have a once a year bonus - even $20! - for keeping up the Superhost status, or a gift certificate to Amazon. I cannot use travel benefits. I need income to live.  

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