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Hello everyone! 


It’s wonderful to see our community respond so swiftly to the news that is providing temporary housing for 20,000 people displaced by the crisis in Afghanistan. I am heartened that so many Hosts are eager to help, because with additional resources provided by all of us, the nonprofits working to resettle folks in need can do even more good work.


Of course, many of you have questions about the call for Hosts to offer spaces for free or at a discount—and how to opt into that program. Others have asked what it’s like to host refugee guests and how to support the cause in other ways.


Here’s what I can tell you. I’ve hosted 7 different refugee families from 5 countries since 2016, back when was called Open Homes. The case managers from the nonprofits handling resettlement take care of booking, answer my questions, and give clear parameters for communicating with guests and making sure they feel welcome. Each experience has been unique and positive, which is why I continue to participate in and embrace the program.


It’s easy to get started. Anyone with private space available can sign up to offer free or discounted stays at If you aren’t able to host, you can support the cause by donating money to, where 100% of your contribution goes to connecting people with temporary housing. Or you can opt to become a recurring donor by setting up your Airbnb listings to give a portion of your payouts—whatever percentage you choose—to


You’ll get an Supporter badge on your Host profile for maintaining an listing or being a recurring donor—and hosting refugee stays will not affect your Superhost status.


You can get a lot more details in this Resource Center article.


Are you preparing to support Afghan refugees or other people in need of temporary housing in your community? If so, please share how!


Susan Bailey is an Host who has shared her home with refugees. She is also a member of the Airbnb Host Advisory Board.

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Re: Hosting refugee families through is a wonderful experience

Jamestown, KY
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I am still working on current reservation requests, and doing the pros and cons with my husband to see if this is in fact something that we can do.  As for right now, I need to keep my listing as is.  I will reach out when we have decided for sure on rather or not we can exclusively host families in need.

Thank you for reaching out and I will be in touch!


Re: Hosting refugee families through is a wonderful experience

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Oakland, CA

Thank you for considering this opportunity @Rebecca1547 !