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Hi everyone,


Welcome to Airbnb Updates! This new blog within the Community Center is where you can find product updates, host stories, company news, inspiration and tips to help you grow your business, and other important messages from Airbnb.


We’ve posted in the Community Center for many years, but now you’ll be able to find all of our updates in one place. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to stay up to date, so as soon as we have news to share with you and the rest of the hosting community, we’ll be posting it here.


And as always, we’d love to hear from you. Teams across Airbnb use your feedback in the Community Center to help improve and develop products. Click on “Join the Conversation” in the individual thread to comment, or if you’d like to discuss anything further with other hosts, you can start a new conversation in a different Discussion Room.


We look forward to being in touch with you through this new blog.

Thanks for hosting,

The Airbnb Team

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Hayfa in
Tunis, Tunisia
Level 2

Hi Airbnb team! 

I'm hayfa, a new Airbnb host from La Marsa Tunisia. I'm more than enjoying this experience and i'm pleased with my progress. It surely takes time and dedication but the guests satisfaction is worth it all :) 

I wanted to ask if Airbnb is planning on getting soon expanded to other countries like mine "Tunisia" and if Airbnb Plus and experiences/events will be available for us one day! Tunisia is more than a beautiful, welcoming and charming country❤️ come and see

Also! Thank you to the Assistance team for always answering my questions and helping me as i'm starting

Roderick in
Budapest, Hungary
Level 3

How about discussing how the company is going to fix its Plus disaster? I just left it.

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