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Redwood City, CA

Hi everyone,


Let me take a second to introduce myself: I’m Laura Chambers, and I lead the team at Airbnb that’s dedicated to helping hosts like you succeed. (You might remember me from the most recent Host Q&A.) I’ve been a fan and engaged user of Airbnb for a long time, but since I officially joined the team here in July, one thing has become even more clear to me: It’s the wonderful community of hosts that makes Airbnb so special.


Within the Airbnb hosting community, we’re particularly appreciative of Superhosts. As 2018 draws to a close, we wanted to do something special to celebrate them. So today,  I’m thrilled to announce that we’re kicking off an exciting new event for the first time ever: Superhost Week!


Congratulations to those of you who are Superhosts. It’s such a huge achievement. Airbnb’s community is powered by great hospitality and trust, and you exemplify that spirit and excellence. It should be no surprise that Superhosts earn about 22% more on average*—guests really value your hospitality.


This week will be full of celebrations and recognition. Here’s what Superhosts can expect:


  • A personalized gift: If you’re a Superhost, check your inbox. We hope you’ll enjoy the custom map you just received, highlighting your own journey as a host with Airbnb.

  • Marketing to guests: This week, Superhosts will be featured at the top of Airbnb’s home page, giving Superhosts more visibility to the millions of people who visit Airbnb each day. Here’s what they’ll see:


If guests are curious and click to learn more, they’ll go to a brand new web page where we’re showcasing Superhosts. This page will help them better understand the Superhost badge icon on your listing, as a symbol of the amazing hospitality you provide.


Guests-facing landing page image.png



  • Social celebration: Throughout the week, we’ll be highlighting some extraordinary Superhosts on social media channels. Check it out and follow along here:


I hope you enjoy this week of celebration! We’re committed to continually improving the Superhost program, and some changes are already underway. For example, we just introduced new criteria to ensure that hosts who host longer stays have fair access to becoming Superhosts. I’d love to hear your ideas for what we can do to make the program even better. Let me know your suggestions in the comments below. I’ll be checking in throughout the week.


Congratulations again to those of you who are Superhosts. Thanks for everything you do— and happy hosting!



*Based on internal Airbnb data comparing median aggregate revenue earned by Superhosts to other hosts (with 10+ bookings) on the platform worldwide during 2017.

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Judy in
Canmore, Canada
Level 3

Many thanks for all of your help and listening to the hosts.  This week sounds exciting and I will look forward to what is offered.

Beth in
Purcellville, VA
Level 1

Thanks for promoting the Superhosts. I look forward to the week ahead and meeting other Superhosts. 

Adrian in
North Vancouver, Canada
Level 10

Thanks for helping those hosts who go above and beyond to give their guests a great experience.


However, you state " For example, we just introduced new criteria to ensure that hosts who host longer stays have fair access to becoming Superhosts" - please can you elaborate exactly what those changes are as it's stated the new criteria has been introduced but my own personal Progress page still shows the same Superhost criteria ?


Many thanks



Rachael in
Murphy, NC
Level 10

Exciting times - thank you for the SH recognition and additional promotions!


Level 1

Just wanna say

Thank you very much :-) 

Rj in
New York, NY
Level 1

Excited to see the recognition!

Evelyn in
Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
Level 1


Rob in
Saugatuck, MI
Level 1

Thanks for honoring the "Super Hosts".  It's always nice to receive recognition!

Barb in
West Hollywood, CA
Level 3

Thanks!!! Love being a superhost! 

Justin in
Portland, OR
Level 1

Thanks for doing this. Great to feel the love from Airbnb!

Jane in
Duncan, Canada
Level 2

I can only say "thank you" for taking such good care of us  You really are the best.



Sebastian in
Irwindale, CA
Level 2

Thank you. Robert and me we are very happy as Superhost. The Airbnb Company is amazing and  very professional.  We are very proud as the Airbnb Community.  Happy week and happy Holidays.  S&R Guest Home.

Sharon in
New York, NY
Level 4

Hi Laura, I am a super host and we just became an Airbnb PLUS listing yesterday! I'm so happy and excited to be a part of this amazing community. Thank you and here's to an amazing 2019 for all! 

Brad in
Warren, PA
Level 2

We alway enjoy the perks from Airbnb along with the fun of hosting!

Josh in
San Francisco, CA
Level 2

One thing to keep in mind is superhost status for hosts in areas with laws that limit hosting days - for example in San Francisco 'entire place' hosts like us are limited to 90 days max a year. Obviously it's impossible to keep superhost status with that legal limitation. In the end it's not that big a deal to me personally but it might be worth thinking about...

Anne in
New South Wales, Australia
Level 1

Thank you Airbnb team for the support you give us hosts and great opportunity that travellers have to meet the people in a REAl setting 

Yasmin in
Byron Bay, Australia
Level 5

Thank you Airbnb we love being super host ♥️

Angela in
Rome, Italy
Level 1


Laurie And Randy in
Mount Shasta, CA
Level 3

Thanks Airbnb! We love hosting and providing the highest level of hospitality possible! It is nice to hear that Airbnb appreciates the efforts of Superhosts and is dedicating a week to us!


Most Superhosts are intrinsically motivated but a little pat on the back is always a bonus!


Thanks Airbnb!

Laurie and Randy, Mount Shasta, Ca.

Aviva in
Los Angeles, CA
Level 1

Thank you!

Level 2

Thanks so much for for all the great ideas you have been sharing with us as Superhosts. I am looking forward to what is to come. 

Neal in
Anaheim, CA
Level 2

As my wife says "it's always nice to be appreciated".  Thanks so much!

Matt & Moss in
Erwin, TN
Level 1

Thanks for taking good care of your #superhosts ! We appreciate the job the airbnb team does facilitating our interaction with guests and helping them find us.

Roberta in
London, United Kingdom
Level 10

Hi @Laura

I really would like to know when the custom url will be implemented? That was promised over a year ago.

And what about the super guest ? When will that come to live? 

We also would like the possibility to custom the cleaning fee for longer stays - say, stay over 2 weeks, 2 cleaning fees will be applied..

i think a lot of things are promised, and in the end they do not materialise.

and things that are working, like co-hosting, are removed...

Tim & Lisa in
Creswell, OR
Level 2

Thanks for the special Superhost rewards.  I’m VERY happy to hear we will be getting acknowledged for bookings that have guests staying longer than normal.  This has been a frustration of mine for some time.  Keep up the great work! 

Rhode in
Greenville, SC
Level 1

Thank you very much for the recognition and additional promotions! 

Mark & Julie in
West Bloomfield Township, MI
Level 1


Thank you! 

THis is fun.


Lena in
Belgrade, Serbia
Level 1

Thank you sounds GREAT !  Bravo for Superhosts ! 

Mary in
Velarde, NM
Level 2

Thanks for recognizing Super Hosts. Guests frequently mention the extras they enjoy during their stay. It's nice to know that Airbnb notices, too!


Barbara in
Portland, OR
Level 2

Thanks so much! I love hosting.  And making guests feel welcome.  I also have really enjoyed learning from other hosts .

Susan in
Helensburgh, United Kingdom
Level 2

I was interested in this too and have found the following: "Superhosts have hosted at least 10 stays in the past year or, if they host longer-term reservations, 100 nights over at least 3 stays. Your guests can feel confident staying with an experienced host"

Libby in
Waterford, CT
Level 1

Thank you! I've loved being an airbnb host for 5 years! 

Ian in
Bath, United Kingdom
Level 1


It would be great to hear more about Superhosts with long term guests. I have guests that stay for 3 months every year, making it difficult to maintain superhost status during that period. More info please!



Maria in
Seville, Spain
Level 2

Hi, thank you very much for all the support but I don’t know why I am having several problems to coordinate my upgrade to Airbnb Plus, I don’t know how many messages I have sent and nobody helps me. I needed to repite the photo shooting of my house and nobody explained to me which part was wrong and to the new photographer neither, so we needed to repite the full session, more than 4 hours. When the Airbnb picture department download the pictures, the picture of my house were incomplete, no pictures of the second bathroom, no possibilities to change the cover, many spaces that are not in the pictures, instead of that pictures of the TV or WC and the toilet paper aappears. In one week I couldn’t speak with anyone who solves the problem and I only have two days and my property will be automatically Airbnb plus. 

I am totally desperate and I fell that I am not having a good attention but nobody helps me, please let me know how is possible to do it or I will be forced to delete my property in Airbnb. Many thanks 




Level 1

Hi Laura 

it is a wonderful idea. The problem we faced in Greece is the extreme income tax and the limit 90 days per year . 

Note that we can expand the period of the holidays offer as well as to give thematic holidays to guests and specially to families. 


Is it a good idea to have as guests "super hosts" with a special price ? Super hosts community will enjoy special prices for holidays all over the world 



Emily And Brett in
Golden, CO
Level 1

Thank you for the appreciation of a Super Host status. Thrilled to be a part of Air BnB! It is a privilege to serve our guests with a great experience. Nothing is more important than comfort and attentive care when away people are from home. So nice to be recognized and to have the help of promoting what we love to do!

Thanks again! 

Eddy in
Shah Alam, Malaysia
Level 2

Thank you Laura, Airbnb's team & Airbnb's community. For celebrate and appreciate us. I already received a few inquiry/chat from potential guest. Hope this will continue for extra longer period.

I hope one day can attend or be part of Host Q&A sessions.

Happy Superhost Week Everyone!!


Ibolya in
London, United Kingdom
Level 2

I just love hosting! Thank you for the support we receive from Airbnb long may it continue...

Alyce in
Denton, NC
Level 2

Alyce **** , Asheboro , NC , I am a super host  and want to know about  the PLUS program. Thank you so much for recognizing us.


*[Surname hidden for safety reasons]

Chris in
Athens, Greece
Level 1

It has been great to be a part of this since 2013😍

Rhona in
Santa Monica, CA
Level 2

This is great!  Thanks for the recognition. Love being part of the Airbnb community.  

Coppelia in
Western Australia, Australia
Level 10

So proud to be a super host and provide my guests with the best experience 

Iain & Trish in
Mailhac, France
Level 2

16 reservations is a fantastic year for us. Glad we've made Superhost and hope that the new rules help us to maintain that staus for us. (Not without a bit of work from our side of course!)



Mario in
Aventura, FL
Level 1

Thanks for promoting the Superhost Status. 

Margaret in
Cherokee, OK
Level 1

What wonderful news!  This adventure is such fun and I’m most appreciative of your efforts to recognize and reward us!  Thank you!

Payal in
New Delhi, India
Level 3

it's been an amazing and full of love journey ! Big shout out to the Airbnb Team for all the love and support !!

Rina in
Los Angeles, CA
Level 1

That is awesome! Thank you for making us feel special!

Roberta in
Ravenna, Italy
Level 2

Thank you so much for celebrating Superhosts!

I'm proud and happy💓

I love being part of Airbnb host community!

My family and I will keep on doing our best to be Superhost!


Jennifer in
Huntington Beach, CA
Level 2

This is outstanding and thank you for listening to your Superhosts.  I know how I enjoy making my guests feel special and appreciate you providing an opportunity for more guest to share in the experience!

Thanks again!





Susan in
Helensburgh, United Kingdom
Level 2

I think that the change to the superhost criteria is bonkers and doesn't address the issue. 


I scrape by as a Superhost at each review as, although I have 100% 5* reviews, my guests stay for 7, 10, 14, 17 nights at a time and so although I can host 40/50 Airbnb nights a year (a lot of my guests also book through other platforms), this will only just (if I'm lucky) equate to 10 stays.....while another host, who has 10 stays of 1 night each achieves Superhost status. 


I was excited when I read there was a change to this (thinking that you may have listened to feedback)....but no, the change is that you need to host 100 nights to achieve Superhost if you host longer stays.


HOW can 100 nights equate to 10 nights??? 

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