Laura's Letter: Superhost Week 2018 recap

Administrator in
Redwood City, CA

February 7, 2019


Hi everyone,

Congratulations to all of you who achieved or maintained your Superhost status in the January assessment. It’s an awesome accomplishment. Thank you for continuing to set a wonderful standard for hospitality in our community.

Your commitment to excellence inspires me, and that’s why it was such a thrill to help create and launch Airbnb’s first ever Superhost Week in December. It was a chance to highlight all of you to our guests and to celebrate and recognize everything you do. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Here are a few highlights:


  • Social spotlight: We filled Airbnb’s social-media channels for the week with Superhost stories and profiles, and the response was fantastic. More than 7 million people engaged with the content on Facebook, including this video of Superhosts James and In Ja, of Hollywood, California. Dan, of "Danville," Florida was featured in our most-watched video on YouTube. And on Twitter, Superhost story tweets were seen by more than a million users.
  • Marketing to guests: Superhosts were featured in a banner at the top of Airbnb’s home page to give Superhosts more visibility. More than 8.8 million people saw the banner, and more than 160,000 people saw our brand new guest-facing web page. The page gives guests a better understanding of what the Superhost badge icon on your listing represents: the amazing hospitality you provide!
  • Updated Superhost page: We also made changes to our Superhost page, to make it easier for you to learn about and take advantage of your rewards.
  • New long-term hosting policy: We introduced new criteria to ensure that those of you who host longer stays have fair access to the program. Before, hosting 10 stays was the only way hosts could qualify for Superhost status; now, hosts can qualify if they host 10 stays or if they host 100 nights with a 3-stay minimum. These changes seemed to resonate well with hosts. I was pleased to see responses like this one, from host Gilles, of France, in the Community Center: “Thank you for taking into account the requests of long-term hosts to allow them to access Superhost status. Thanks to Airbnb for listening to the needs of the hosts and coming back with new strategies to meet their needs.”
  • Community Center interaction: That brings me to my own favorite part of the week: getting to interact with hosts from around the work in our Community Center! I wrote a letter in our Community Center at the start of Superhost Week, and more than 45,000 hosts read it, and there were more than 1,400 comments. We’ve read each and every one, and during Superhost Week, I had the chance to respond and chat with many of you. Thanks to all of you who sent suggestions and ideas. We’ll be looking to you for inspiration as we continue to improve the Superhost program.


Congratulations again to those of you who are Superhosts. We appreciate all you do— and so do Airbnb guests. In fact, over one of Airbnb’s busiest nights of 2018, one out of every three Airbnb guests were staying with Superhosts! That’s a testament to how much Superhosts help power the Airbnb community. Thank you.


Happy hosting!

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357 Replies
BrendonMaria in
Paynesville, Australia
Level 5

Hello from Superhost Sims’es from Raymond Island, Australia 

Neil in
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Level 1

Kudos! to all fellow Superhosts. 

Neil of Manila, Philippines currently residing in Riyadh, KSA

Aniek in
Bali, Indonesia
Level 1

HI, I'm Aniek from a secluded area of Bali named Kelecung.  Glad to see you all, Super host.. Greetings 

Yanick in
Ubud, Indonesia
Level 1

Hi i am Yanick from Bali,greetings to all Superhost 

Jessie Glenn in
Level 1

I am Jessie Glenn Tumusok of TUM’s Resort Of Oslob, Cebu , Philippines As one of Airbnb Philippines TOP 10 most unique destinations...

Patrick in
George Town, Malaysia
Level 2

我是Patrick来自教科文组织世界遗产乔治城槟城,马来西亚, 谢谢Airbnb 对我们这些新 superhost 一代卓越的承诺激励着我们,这只是短短在2018 年12月份后帮助创建和推出Airbnb首次举办的Superhost Week会如此激动人心。同时也要自己有一个交代以及向我们的客人展示为什么你们与众不同?所有人并庆祝和认可你所做的一切的坚持不怠,努力坚持以诚心服务你运远近到来的客人。

I am Patrick from UNESCO World Heritage George Town Penang, and thanks to Airbnb's commitment to our new superhost generation to inspire us, it's just a short time after December 2018 to help create and launch Airbnb's first Superhost Week to be so exciting. At the same time, we have to have a confession and show our guests why you are different. Everyone celebrates and recognizes what you have done, and strives to serve all our clients far or close with wholeheartedly sincerity.


Intan in
Bali, Indonesia
Level 1

Hello from Bali! hello to all superhost! Congratulation to all host that reach this level! Keep on good work all! Xoxo

Level 1

Congratulation to all and more power, God bless.  Mabuhay!

Ketut in
Denpasar, Indonesia
Level 2

Congratulation to all superhost,

Greeting from Ketut Tinggen, Bali

Level 2

Hello to fellow Superhosts from Port Stephens,  NSW,  Australia. 


Cari in
Taguig, Philippines
Level 1

Hi, I feel very grateful to belong in the community of superhosts. I truly appreciate the opportunity given to me by Airbnb. Congratulations to all of us.

Level 2

Hello to fellow superhost, my pleasure to be part of this elite group of airbnb. I'm Noel from Manaoag Pangasinan, Philippines! Kudos to erveryone.

Anthony Mark Matsuo in
Makati, Philippines
Level 2

Hi, I'm Mark Matsuo, sending my best from Tokyo to Manila.

Well done and it's an honor to share this badge with all Superhosts!


Thank you Laura, and the tremendous efforts of the entire Airbnb team and the unsurpassed platform Airbnb provides for us hosts to express ourselves and our shared passion in hosting and welcoming people from all over the world to our homes sharing the beauty of our cities and countries.


Decided to put up all of my investment properties on Airbnb and decorating and furnishing the place with Airbnb in mind allowed me to put in a certain love and creativity to each property <3





Level 2

Hi to all superhosts world wide. I’m from Perth, W Australia. A question for all , does everyone have CO2 monitor? Building regulations here don’t require it as far as I know I have no idea what one looks like . 

Ryan in
Manila, Philippines
Level 2

Airbnb hosts you can add me as a friend here by clicking my profile and then clicking add friend button.

Cesar in
Cebu City, Philippines
Level 2


From Cebu, Philippines

Congratulations to all superhosts. Just one question: what does level  1 or 2 mean?

Sandra in
Benaulim, India
Level 1

hello superhosts around the globe..this is sandra saying hi from the sunny state of goa in india:)

Goga in
Tbilisi, Georgia
Level 1

Congratulation to all superhost,

Greeting from Wonderful city Georgia, Tbilisi !

Sami in
Sur, Oman
Level 1

Hello for all superhosts this is Sami from Oman ( wadishab) .. 

Online Community Manager in
London, United Kingdom
Online Community Manager

Hello @Julia


Lovely to meet you. Thank you for being such a great host. 


Just to let you know, you can actually apply for a free smoke and carbon monoxide dector on Airbnb's Home Safety page


I hope this helps.






BáTrung in
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Level 2


I’m Bá Trung, from Vietnam. I have a one question, when Emoji can use in type messenger Airbnb? One more question :) Today, I co-host not fee for many host, This is only an introduction to increase the view rate. It's really hard to have confidence or sign a cross-country contract. I see the interaction between Co-Host and Host only successful when Airbnb guarantees.

Thank you ❤️

Level 2

Hi I am Asela from Sri Lanka my congratulations for all superhosts  My pleasure to be in the group 

Sanjaya in
Matara, Sri Lanka
Level 2

Many greetings from Sri lanka! So happy to have earned the Super host badge!

May we all have the fortune of having this badge for as long as we host!

Love you all !!!

Rohin in
Amritsar, India
Level 2

What a great experience ... So many people from different countries. , It's like I am traveling the world sitting at home

Airbnb Rocks

Kenny in
Sandakan, Malaysia
Level 1

Hi, I’m kenny from Malaysia.

Tashi Lhamu in
Gangtok, India
Level 1

Greetings to all the fellow superhost.I am Tashi from Gangtok,Sikkim.

I would like to take an opportunity to thank Larua and  team AIRBNB for giving us all this platform to serve to our esteemed guests.

Mary in
Hanoi, Vietnam
Level 2

Hi i am Thuy Nguyen from Vietnam, greetings to all Superhost 

Level 2

Hello to all Airbnb Family Host,

its a pleasure to be named Superhost.  we never realised that we will reach this point in allowing airbnb members to share our family retirement  resort to become hub of family get togethers and yapi's bonding reunions.

Great experience.


Jenny in
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Level 2

Hello, I truly appreciate the opportunity given to me by Airbnb that to belong of superhost.

Best Regards ,

Level 2

hello Laura

Papas Garden became trending posted by a vlogger guest. i like his comments, appreciation and inviting impression, how do we post this to our twitter account?

just thinking!

maam Rose

Online Community Manager in
London, United Kingdom
Online Community Manager

Hello @Cesar,


Welcome to the Community Center. Congratulations on being a Superhost. 


In regards to the levels, you can see here. There are based on your activity in the Community Center, ie. number of posts shared, thumbs up, most helpful answers etc. Everyone who arrives in the Community Center starts at level 1 and this then moves up. 


I hope this helps. 


Thank you,



Marcel in
Makati, Philippines
Level 1

Hello I’m Maricel, Airbnb Superhost from The Philippines. Congratulations to all of us! 

Steve And Jan in
Boomerang Beach, Australia
Level 1

Hi from Boomerang Beach NSW Australia to all supperhost, we appreciate the opportunity given to us by AIR BNB, keep up the good work.

Lilibeth in
San Juan, Philippines
Level 1

Hi! I’m Lilibeth Akinaga in San Juan, Surfing Capital of the Noth, Philippines. Congratulations to all super host. 

Anupama in
Chandigarh, India
Level 1

Thank to Airbnb, Laura for this wonderful platform and hello to all fellow Super hosts. I am Anupama from Chandigarh India. It's been a fun filled journey thank you for all.

Karim in
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Level 1

Hi everyone, this is Karim from El Gouna Egypt. Happy to be with all you great superhosts out there!



Christine in
Aviemore, United Kingdom
Level 1

Congratulations to my fellow superhosts.  Great job. Christine,  Aviemore,  Bonnie Scotland 

Jay Purcell in
London, United Kingdom
Level 2

So happy to be a Super Host. Always pleased to host new and existing clients and to make them feel wanted and valuable. Jay

Yasmin in
Byron Bay, Australia
Level 4

I'm honoured once again to be a Super Host and could never take this for granted as it is always appreciated as a reminder that its not about doing enough, its about being enough and to be my full self and then hosting and work becomes a joy...therefore true hospitality is treating someone like they belong, before they belong, until they belong- is a gift to everyone!

Katie in
Poundbury, United Kingdom
Level 2

Hello from Katie

In Poundbury Dorset UK 🇬🇧 

Magdalena in
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Level 2

Habari👋🏾 its Magdalena all the way from Dar es salaam Tanzania💕! Thank you for sharing this newsletter and kuddos to all the awesome super hosts!👏🏽

Linda And Adrian in
Carmarthen, United Kingdom
Level 1

Hi we are Linda and Adrian from the market town of Carmarthen in Wales, set in the heart of the beautiful Towy Valley. It is a privilage to be Superhosts, to receive guests from all over the world and of course to vist and stay with other Superhosts.

Nino in
Tbilisi, Georgia
Level 2

Hi! Congratulation to all superhost. 

Jacqui in
Wormelow, United Kingdom
Level 1

@Julia wrote:

Hi to all superhosts world wide. I’m from Perth, W Australia. A question for all , does everyone have CO2 monitor? Building regulations here don’t require it as far as I know I have no idea what one looks like . 


Jacqui in
Wormelow, United Kingdom
Level 1

Hi in the U.K. they look just like smoke alarms and you can get combined ones 

diy superstore sell them and they are readily available on line 

they are recommended for all properties here even ones with open fireplace , log burner heating 

they are about £15 maximum and can get battery operated ones 

hope that helps 


happy hosting 👩‍🚒

Nelda in
Coledale, Australia
Level 2

Hi all Superhosts from Neil and Nelda Coledale Australia. 

Jacquie in
Yeovil, United Kingdom
Level 2

Hi I am Jacquie from Somerset in England. I love hosting and am glad I am a super host, it is worth making the extra effort. Congratulations to all you other superhosts 

Jenny in
Botany, Australia
Level 1

Hi Jenny from Botany, Sydney. Hears to us all and the wonderful people we meet through this awesome experience. 

Ruth in
New South Wales, Australia
Level 1

As a superhost with properties in Sydney Australia and Switzerland with over 90% occupancy, Airbnb has been a game changer in our lives, the community (I receive incredible and grateful reviews from guests - and the community of cleaners and concierges I provide work to, including a refugee family I have coached, who now manage 4 apartment buildings!


I offer special rates for families attending a nearby hospital, a young couple from the Philippines wanting to find jobs in Sydney, and families with sad reasons for travelling. 


It it is truly a community!


So, feel proud Airbnb, of the amazing work you do - and, thank you!

Ruth [Surname hidden]

Level 1

I'm proud to be a Superhost in Yankalilla, South Australia. Come see us in The Garden Cottage at The Olives. 

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