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You’ve told us that the Reservations List is an important tool for managing your listing on Airbnb, so we want to make sure it has the functionality you need. We asked hosts in the Community Center how you use the Reservations List and what improvements you’d like to see. Then we redesigned the page from the ground up, incorporating some of your feedback.


 Here are some of the improvements you can expect:


Easier access: Many of you told us that the Reservations List had become difficult to find. To address this, we added a direct link to the main navigation at the top of your page (to the right of Inbox). Now, you can access your reservations anytime, without having to bookmark the page.


Better navigation: As we added information to the Reservations List over the years, it became difficult to scan quickly for the details you wanted. So we moved some of the information around to make the page cleaner and more intuitive.


The most important information is listed in the columns. Click the Details button in the right column to open a full-page view of the reservation, including the payout breakdown, additional guests (if applicable), cancellation policy, and more. We also redesigned the page to be more printer-friendly so that your downloadable reports are easier to read.


Sort and filter functions: We added sort and filter capabilities to give you more ways to view your list of reservations. You can now view your reservations by Upcoming or All, as well as sort by booked dates. We’ll continue to add sorting and filtering functionality, so watch for more updates.


Downloadable Reservations List: Your Reservations List is now more portable. By popular demand, we’ve introduced a brand new export functionality. Now you can export your entire Reservations List as a comma-separated values (CSV) file, which you can open in Excel or another spreadsheet app.


More accessible calendar syncing: The calendar syncing function is now easier to find under the Export menu in the upper right of your Reservations List. You can export your reservations to any calendar that uses the iCalendar format, such as Google Calendar. 


Consolidated follow-up menu: You still have all of the follow-up actions available that you can take on a specific reservation, including Call, Email, or Cancel. We moved these functions to a submenu that you can access by clicking the three dots to the right of the Details button. On this menu you’ll also find the reservation number and VAT invoices (if applicable), so that they’re always easily on hand.


Ongoing feedback: We want your continued input so that we can keep improving the Reservations List, so we included a feedback module on the page. You can submit your ideas anytime for making the Reservations List even more powerful.


Stay tuned for more changes as we continue updating the Reservations List!

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91 Replies
Ute in
Level 10


I like the new reservation list. Thank You for the good work.


Online Community Manager in
London, United Kingdom
Online Community Manager

This is great to hear @Ute, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this. :) 


As you start to use it more, it would be great to hear more about your experience with it. 



Grand Apartelle in
Level 1

nice and much more convenient for this new reservation list.


Cathie in
Darwin, Australia
Level 10

Kudos Airbnb! 🙌🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Level 10

I do like the new reservation list format-much better so thank you

BUT I still find it frustrating to have to search elsewhere to find my message conversation with the guests. In one of your previous versions we were able to click on message history for each guest and I miss that. it is annoying to have to go back to Inbox, then click Host messages and then search for the ones we want.  It would make more sense to have a link to messages  for each reservation from the reservation page

H. Homestay in
Sibu, Malaysia
Level 3

Great Change. Only that I hope we can see how much is the guest pay for the booking in the Reservation Page and also if we can message directly with the guest in the same page. Thanks!

Level 2

Vary Much Thank From my side 


Hoang&Robert in
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Level 2

 Big thanks amazing Airbnb team ! 

Marie in
New South Wales, Australia
Level 10

Congrar very nice layout, i was very impressed this morning when i saw it

keep the good work, it is nice to see improvment, as we all work very hard to improve all aspects of hosting

Kerry in
Bristol, United Kingdom
Level 2

I can’t find the new reservation list? Is it available using the app?

Mark & Evita in
Cannock, United Kingdom
Level 1

Thank you! I would like improvements in other areas, too. We could do with different nightly price for 1 night booking, too. Or specify cleaning fee for 1 night booking or less than ‘specified nights’

Level 1

Thanks for working on improvements. But this time I must say I'm not happy at all because the print is so tiny and even enlarged the print is too faint in colours and I can't read it. Please please make the print darker with more contrast to the background.

Aesha in
Coppell, TX
Level 6

Awesome job. Thank you! I really like the ease of use now.

Dawn in
Fisherhaven, South Africa
Level 2

Thank will make it so much easier

Dawn [Surname hidden] 

George in
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Level 1

loved the new reservation updates, very helpful, clear and usefull information. thank you 

Spiros in
Peloponnisos Dytiki Ellada ke Ionio, Greece
Level 2


Nick in
Barcelona, Spain
Level 2

Great to have the Resrvations list back.

In fact you can access messages directly if you click on the elipsis ... symbol to the right of the Details button, which will give you access to a menu that, amongst other things, lets you go directly to the messages of the selected reservation.

A brilliant improvement over previous versions!

Janus in
Soufrière, Saint Lucia
Level 1

Absolutely amazing. Totally love it. 



Owner of Sargas Villa, Serrana Villa & Sapphire Apartments


Janus [Surname hidden]

Maulie in
Sri Lanka
Level 1

Thank you the new reservation page looks much more concise clear. Very easy to work with.

It would be good it the profile picture of the guest can be included too.,  like the earlier one.


Deborah in
Toodyay, Australia
Level 10

Fantastic upgrade. Thank you Airbnb.

Now, if you can apply the filtering to the email page, that’d be another great update.


Thanks in advance. 

Roy in
Oak Park, MI
Level 2

Hello gang,


I think I'm going crazy or I'm very particular, one obvious feature for me that I'm still puzzled why hosts don't ask, it would be amazing to have the ability to filter by property, don't you want sometimes to just look at the messages from property 1 without seeing EVERY single message from your other 10 properties? maybe you know you were talking to someone in that property and you want to find him because some dates opened up and fit him perfectly, why do you have to see EVERY single chat thread/reservation? Another obvious one to me is the ability to keyword search, lets say I knew I talked a few months back to Keith, I seem to remember it's in property 5, so I filter in property 5 and keyword search for Keith and wammmm! I contact Keith in about 10 seconds and let him know that we talked about a booking a couple of months back, I can accept his booking now if he's still looking, under the current inbox how long will it take you to find Keith? Chances are you might give up halfway out of frustation! this is by far my biggest complaint with the inbox the value for productivity is HUGE, am I crazy? no one seems to want this.

Level 2

I have a request:


in the payout specifics, it needs to include the name of the person who made the reservation. 

Mark&Laura in
Traverse City, MI
Level 2

It would be very helpful if I could see the cost charged per day.  It seems once a guest books for a few days all I can see is the total cost.  I’d like to be able to track the daily charge for future reference.  Thanks! 

Patsy in
Park City, UT
Level 4

Love the ability to message guests right from the same page. Would like to suggest that you add another option in the filter - to be able to separate out properties for those with multiple listing

Thank you!

Theresa in
El Paso, TX
Level 2

I think it is extremely impressive.   Easy to get around.   I also think it needs to be darker print and larger to letter.  Thanks awesome  WORK!!!!

Level 2

I really like the new reservation list!

Nguyễn in
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Level 2

Thanks so much !

Level 2

When we get the Accept/Decline page, ,, that is where we need to see the calender and dates available.

Is it possible to put another link in the frequently asked Questions at the bottom of the page :- e.g.

1) Am i allowed to decline booking inquiries ?

2)How do I pre-approval approve a guest ?

3)How are my response rate and response time calculated ? 

4) CALENDER !!     -    ( showing availability )

Rob And in
Puyallup, WA
Level 1

I don’t see that option on my iPad and we only Apple devices ... Do I need to update my APP?


Beverly in
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Level 2

Thank you AirBnB. Maybe in the future you can add additional categories for fees hosts would like to charge renters: for example, for  internet usage and electricity like the one you have for cleaning. 

Mauro in
Melbourne, Australia
Level 2
@Rod wrote:

I do like the new reservation list format-much better so thank you

BUT I still find it frustrating to have to search elsewhere to find my message conversation with the guests. In one of your previous versions we were able to click on message history for each guest and I miss that. it is annoying to have to go back to Inbox, then click Host messages and then search for the ones we want.  It would make more sense to have a link to messages  for each reservation from the reservation page

just go to the calendar, find the booking and click on "message" ... pretty simple

Sandy in
Boulder, CO
Level 10

Good job, Airbnb!  You're listening!  (Now, please figure out how to fix the pricing algorithm.)

Sasha in
Level 1

This is much better! However I'd still like to see improvement in pricing; that is be ableato set a pricing for 4 people let's say and a price for 6 people. Beacaus as it is, when guests book in advance they pay a low price if they're 6, but if I remove smart pricing then it will be too high for 4. Thanks! 

Tina in
San Francisco, CA
Level 6

So, my life is mobile.  Isn't yours?


As a High Tech exec, I'm always disappointed that Airbnb adds features into your App (pc), long before your mobile app gets them.  When will Airbnb move to a 'mobile first' new feature strategy??  Your new Reservations changes don't exist in your mobile app.  When can we expect them?

Robin in
United States
Level 1

How do you access the message history now. That is often the most important thing to be able to get hold of as each guest has seperate requests, enquiries etc and it is good to be able to access it straight away as on the old menu under message history..

Donna in
Los Angeles, CA
Level 3

I wish you would add a field for the TOT.  I will pay it myself.

Villaeora in
Zakinthos, Greece
Level 2

This is ok but a csv download of the multiple calendar would  be more useful

Magnúsína in
Reykjanesbær, Iceland
Level 2

It looks great

Sarah in
Level 2

Really appreciate all the effort.  You already have better functionality than your competitors but still strive to improve.  Thanks to all the programmers!

Peter in
North Kingstown, RI
Level 10

This is a very nice improvement - thanks. But I agree with @Tina that many of us do rely on our mobile app, so it would be nice to incorporate this new functionality there as well as on the web.

Samantha & Bruce in
Madison, WI
Level 2

Can you please add a Search function? I have to scroll and scroll and scroll to find a reservation I'm looking for.  Searching by a first name (or last) would reall help!

Daphene in
Nashville, TN
Level 1

Thank you for the improvements.  It's much easier to navigate!!

Level 2

Awesome, more clarity and easy  to understand.

Peg in
Webster Groves, MO
Level 2

Peg's Place is located in a suburb of St. Louis, Webster Groves, MO.  It is currently the only Airbnb in Webster Groves.  It took a lot work to get the city to approve my property as a short term rental property. There are not any hotels is Webster Groves and there is a high demand for short term rental due to Webster University and the many residents who have visiting family and friends. Since approving my location, the city has simplified its short term rental approval process and the first few new owners are choosing not to be part of the Airbnb. How can I get Peg's Place to the top of the list when guests select Webster Groves, MO as a desired location?


When a guest selects Webster Groves as a location, sometimes over 300 options appear and Peg's Place is always way down the list. Why am I not at the top of the list if I am the only Airbnb located in Webster Groves? This is very frustrating for me as a host.


I have noticed when looking for sites in other city for myself, the same thing happens. If I put in a small town near a big city, I get all of the places available in the big city and I must search through them all to find the one's that are located in the little town I selected.  It is very frustrating for a traveler. 

Peg in
Webster Groves, MO
Level 2

I see Peg's Place is catagorized as a Level 2. What does Level 2 mean?



Mike in
Spring, TX
Level 1

I have the exact same problem and totally agree.  The location search algorithm needs to be improved. When a potential guest specifically types in the name of a small town it is quite likely that they want to be there, not 25-50 miles away.

Bruce in
Green Valley, AZ
Level 2

The reservation list cannot be seen on my android phone. The print is too light and small. It also cannot be enlarged.



Reuben in
New York, United States
Level 2

looks great.


id like a detailed screen for the payment like you also have with fees cleaning.....

Nishan in
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Level 2

Awesome update and it stand highlighted so much and the ability to list out all your pending booking are on one roll. great work airbnb

Suzanne in
Croydon, United Kingdom
Level 2

I love the new reservation list 

it will make it a lot easier 


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