Emergencies and unexpected trip interruptions happen—and having to turn down a guest’s request for a refund can be tough. As a Host, you want to be sympathetic, but you also need to earn a living and avoid bad reviews.


To better support you and your guests, we’re introducing travel insurance. We want to give guests the opportunity to buy insurance for certain covered events that fall outside their Host’s cancellation policy. Starting in the next few weeks, guests in the U.S*., U.K.**, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, and Portugal*** will be able to buy travel insurance when booking a trip on Airbnb.


We hope that when guests purchase travel insurance and cancel for a covered reason, it will reduce the possibility of guests asking Hosts for a refund outside of the Hosts’ cancellation policies. You can get more details in the Resource Center


Have you ever had a guest cancel at the last minute? Share how you handled it below.


*For guests in the U.S., the travel insurance plan is offered by Airbnb Insurance Agency LLC and underwritten by Generali US Branch. 

**For guests in the U.K., travel insurance is underwritten by Europ Assistance S.A. Europ Assistance S.A. is authorised and regulated by the Ministere de l’Economie et des Finances Direction du Tresor Service des Affaire, France. Deemed authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority, U.K. Subject to regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority and limited regulation by the Prudential Regulation Authority in the U.K. The nature and extent of consumer protections may differ from those for firms based in the U.K. Details of the Temporary Permissions Regime, which allows EEA-based firms to operate in the U.K. for a limited period while seeking full authorisation, are available on the Financial Conduct Authority’s website. Travel insurance is arranged by Airbnb UK Services Limited. Airbnb UK Services Limited is an appointed representative of Aon UK Limited, who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Aon UK Limited’s FCA register number is 310451, you can check this by visiting the Financial Services Register or calling 0800 111 6768. Travel insurance is available to guests aged 18 and over. Full terms and conditions apply. FP.AFF.320.LC.


***For guests in the EU, travel insurance is offered by the insurance intermediary Aon Iberia Correduria de Seguros y Reaseguros S.A.U., assisted by Airbnb Marketing Services S.L.U. acting as Aon external collaborator for certain activities.

The insurance policy benefits and services are described on a general basis and are subject to certain conditions and exclusions. .

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Re: Travel insurance for Airbnb guests is coming soon

Chicago, IL
Level 10

I bought travel insurance before my UK trip in 2019. I purchased the additional CFAR (cancel for any reason) coverage.   Lucky I did that, because I was covered when everything shut down for Covid. Many policies did not pay out for that.


Although I was covered, reimbursement took months due to the high number of claims.


While insurance is a great thing to offer, one relies on the traveller to book the correct coverage - not just the cheapest coverage.  My guess is a lot of people will buy the cheapest coverage and then be upset when their situation is not covered, or they have to wait a long time for reimbursement. 


They are going to find it a whole lot faster and easier to complain to CS and  to squeeze hosts for refunds. 


Right now, I have the "Moderate" policy.  I'm finding people are cancelling a day before it kicks in. I seem to have had a lot of book-and-cancel-after-5-minutes transactions this week. 


On one hand, the cancelled dates are showing up and I'm getting requests for them. On the other hand, I don't like the quality of the last minute bookers. 


I'm considering changing to a "Strict" policy. 

Re: Travel insurance for Airbnb guests is coming soon

Victoria, Australia
Level 10

@Michelle53 Michelle I do not think it is your policy. This seems to be happening at all levels. I really believe it is a different type of traveller who maybe as someone else said,  waiting to pick up a bargain  somewhere else or waiting for a freebie of some kind ., An Extra night free, or upgrade to better rooms or free stuff in the rooms  is being offered like candy in hotels.The customers moving over to Airbnb may simply be moving back to hotels because they get free tickets or free pool use or something . Either way they are not a good fit for most Airbnbs because they do not like the idea , is my guess. H

Re: Travel insurance for Airbnb guests is coming soon

West Palm Beach, FL
Level 3

I think this is a really great feature!!!


Sometimes I feel bad telling my guests that I always stick to my cancelation policy (which they agreed upon booking anyways) when they call me saying her child got sick a day before their trip or so.


I always try to be flexible but sometimes is really hard to get re-booked!



Mike from West Palm

Re: Travel insurance for Airbnb guests is coming soon

The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom
Level 2


I had a booking from a client who wanted to avoid paying through the air b and b  system for her partner/ and wanted to pay cash on arrival .


She booked for 1 guests and confirmed she was 2 guests coming.

I told her to book through the system as this was not allowed !


She refused ,  therefore I cancelled the booking in order to comply with the  T and C 


Now I am charged a huge cancellation fee for been professional and legitimate and following the rules .


Please advise what should I have done ?

Re: Travel insurance for Airbnb guests is coming soon

London, United Kingdom
Level 2

Excellent news.

Two years of being accused of profiteering from the pandemic. Another of having to explain to cancelling guests that yes, Airbnb might well have told them the host has the option to issue a full refund. As a gesture of goodwill. Then explaining that booking holidays during a pandemic doesn't always end well. And of course pointing out in the interests of balance that Airbnb  have that "gesture" option too.

And please no more of the "amending the booking" fiction.  Change a two week holiday in June to a weekend in November? Of course.... And shall I buy you a car and educate your children too? 

And relief! I'll never have to write another message like this one again. 


I've now had the details of the February booking through from Airbnb and I've attached details of both. As you can see I will be paid £522.30 for the September booking. All being well I should receive that on Saturday, twenty four hours after your due check in time. It's a bit less than I was expecting, I hadn't realised you'd opted for the cheaper, non-refundable rate.

For the second booking, I am due to receive £660.34 on 19 February. Once I have I shall return the £522.30 (assuming you've not been able to claim it on your insurance obviously). I will do that in cash as explaining to HMRC why I am refunding non-refundable fees might stretch the credulity of a junior civil servant who probably earns less in a week than I'm returning to you for a weekend.

I do strongly advise you to take out travel insurance for the next trip. About 80% of my costs are fixed (rent, council tax, utilities etc). They don't change simply because you cancelled. Doing so with less than 24 hours notice vastly reduces the chances of someone else booking and I wouldn't make a similar offer next time - no matter how pregnant your friends have become.

Stay safe and well and I look forward to seeing you in February."

Re: Travel insurance for Airbnb guests is coming soon

Alberta, Canada
Level 2

Canada needs to be included in the Cancellation insurance Policy update.  Especially with the severe air travel cancellations and delays  by Airlines.   ASAP please.  We have had to refer guests to our Strict Cancellation policy.  If they are cancelled or have a family emergency, insurance would help the guests.

Re: Travel insurance for Airbnb guests is coming soon

Malay, Philippines
Level 2

Hopefully it will be possible for bookings in Philippines as well .. 


would make it much easier or all.. Bec the  guest already know it have nothing to do with the host. and the host can hopefully feel mor safe about the bookings.. Only have few experience about it .. wher guest cancelled a week before check in

Dennis Stender Kristjansen