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Hi everyone, Today we announced that Airbnb is acquiring HotelTonight. HotelTonight is a hotel-booking service that specializes in boutique and independent hotels, and focuses on making last-minute trips easy and fun. We’ve sent out a press announcement, ... read more
Hi everyone, Thanks for all of your feedback on the recent changes we announced to the guest profile photo process. Our team has read each and every one of your comments. We understand many of you are feeling frustrated right now, so we want to respond wi... read more
February 7, 2019 Hi everyone,Congratulations to all of you who achieved or maintained your Superhost status in the January assessment. It’s an awesome accomplishment. Thank you for continuing to set a wonderful standard for hospitality in our community. Y... read more
Last Friday, hundreds of thousands of federal employees went without paychecks. We know that some of you in our host community are included in that group, and we want to help. Starting today, we’re offering all federal executive branch employee hosts some... read more
Hi everyone, Let me take a second to introduce myself: I’m Laura Chambers, and I lead the team at Airbnb that’s dedicated to helping hosts like you succeed. (You might remember me from the most recent Host Q&A.) I’ve been a fan and engaged user of Airbnb ... read more
From safety tips to product updates, the most popular stories from the past year continue to be helpful today. Check out all 10 articles. Meet Els, an Open Homes host in Rome Els, of Belgium, wanted to pay forward the hospitality she received when she mov... read more
Hurricane Michael is predicted to hit the southeastern U.S. coast, including the Florida panhandle and parts of Alabama and Georgia, on Wednesday, October 10. Many residents are evacuating to safer areas and could be displaced for some time, if the storm ... read more
You asked: What is Airbnb doing to better support hosts if things go wrong? The short answer is: a lot! Before we dive in to the exciting changes we’re working on, there’s one important thing to keep in mind: Instances of property damage on Airbnb are qui... read more
You asked: Can Airbnb protect hosts from one-off bad reviews? Reviews are so important. They not only impact the success of your business, they’re also really personal. We know you put a lot of thought and care into your hospitality and that it’s frustrat... read more
When we introduced Group Payments, we were trying to create a simple way for guests to split booking costs when traveling in a group. This arrangement meant the person organizing the trip wouldn’t have to pay all of the money up front, and hosts would hav... read more
You asked: Can Airbnb allow hosts to receive an early payout at the time of booking? This is a great question, and one you’ve been asking for a while. We’re developing the best approach for early payout arrangements, starting with a small pilot program in... read more
We recently shared that as of August 1, 2018 we’ll no longer offer the co-hosting split payout feature. Many of you use and appreciate this feature, and we understand that this change has implications for the way that you do business as hosts. It’s always... read more
You asked: Can Airbnb make it easier to contact customer service? You’ve raised this important question at each Global Host Q&A, and we hear you loud and clear. Easy access to support when you need it, with quick and straightforward resolutions, is import... read more
Last year when CEO and Head of Community Brian Chesky was thinking of new ways to connect with hosts, he decided that several times a year he’d field top-voted host questions in a livestreamed Q&A session. After receiving an overwhelming 11,579 questions ... read more
You asked: Can Airbnb share more information about guests, like their ratings, full name, etc.? Can we get the ability to flag bad guests and make this information visible to other hosts? More guest information We're taking a close look at what additional... read more
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