Airbnb support Ukraine again please

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Airbnb support Ukraine again please

Good day friends!
Recently, you have been a great help to us, the citizens of Ukraine. A not so good situation happened not so long ago. Airbnb has closed the possibility of helping Ukrainian citizens who have remained in Ukraine and are holding defense in Ukraine!
I have nothing against you, I express my deep gratitude to you and all users of this resource !!!
But to be honest, I lived on $280 that people from different countries gave me. Unfortunately, for all this time, I did not find any earnings, but I want to eat. Animals have to be fed, utility bills have to be paid.
Dear AirBnb administration - Please, on behalf of all citizens of Ukraine, open this opportunity for us to help from our close European brothers once again!
We will be grateful to you!




If you want to help me write me on hangouts: *personal information hidden*

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Hello @Сергей109 


The scheme whereby hosts and guests are booking accommodation in Ukraine was designed to help existing hosts who have been operating since 2021 or before who we know are genuine hosts.


it wasn't designed for people to set up false listings as a way to generate income . While you may be genuine sadly many scammers have jumped on the bandwagon and set up listings . This is why Airbnb is rightly blocking these false listings from accepting bookings 


The Red Cross and the UN Refugee Agency are two of the many charities operating in Ukraine that you can reach out to for help.



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