Ukranian Refugees

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Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Ukranian Refugees

Hi, I am an Edinburgh host, happy to use my property to host refugees.


Through the Ukranian Community Centre, I have been contacted by a lady who needs accomodation for her parents, both in their sixties, who have fled the war.


I am happy to make my property available to them. 


It is not about the money, but any support Airbnb is willing to offer would be appreciated.


As a matter of due dilligence, I Also need to consider other general conditions related to any property let. How to frame the contract and get the property back if I need to, how to mak sure the property is cared for and neighbours respected and also Insurance cover.


I know Airbnb offers 'Aircover', but I am not quite sure what that is and how it works.

Any help and advice appreciated.




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England, United Kingdom

@Steve475 you need to go to and list your property there. 

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