Meet our new 2024 Host Advisory Board members

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Meet our new 2024 Host Advisory Board members

The Host Advisory Board includes 23 amazing Hosts from around the world who represent and advocate for Hosts. This year, we’re excited to welcome two new members of the board: Annik Rauh and Enoch Choi.


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@Annik244 , based in Sellin, Germany, has hosted an apartment for three years. As a Community Leader, Annik heads her local Host Club and stays involved in her community thanks to her profession as a hospitality business consultant. 


You can find @Enoch10  in Gangneung, South Korea, where he has hosted a single-family house for the past six years. Enoch is a Superhost Ambassador. He also published a book, A Space That Makes Money, about hospitality and his hosting journey. 

Let’s give a warm welcome to @Annik244  and @Enoch10 ! You can ask them your hospitality questions in the comments. For more information about the other members of the board, visit the Host Advisory Board page.

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Host Advisory Board Member
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Welcome to @Annik244 and @Enoch10 ! Excited for all there is to come and for the possibilities of what we can achieve together on the advisory board. Here's to fresh ideas and great collaborations ahead! 🚀👏🏼

Host Advisory Board Member
Lecco, Italy

Dear @Annik244 and @Enoch10 welcome in our rich, entusiastic, multicolor, multicultural group as the Airbnb community is!


I wish you an extraordinary experience like the one that I experienced alongside wonderful colleagues and team!


I'm passionated in sustainability and in tourism with social impact, I hope we can work work together on these topics in the future


See you soon 

Claudia from Lake Como Italy

Level 2
Cuenca, Ecuador

Felicitaciones!!!!! Muchos exitos!!!

Level 2
Queens, NY

Congrats to both! Cheers