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I just wanted to let everyone know that whatever you report about your guest when you open a case goes directly to the guest!!!So I just reported suspected drug usage of a seriously frightening guest, who happens to live locally, and Air BnB reaches out t... continua a leggere
Let me begin by saying that I have been a host since 2011. I find the practice of encouraging hosts to lower their price with the suggested competitive pricing is attracting bad clientele. Last year an AirBnB guest booked a room at my BnB. I checked his p... continua a leggere
I have a current guest who rented my home four months before his arrival. He stayed 20 of his 92 day booking before asking if he could cancel the remainder of his stay. It is low season so I rejected his change request. Today, his credit card was rejected... continua a leggere
Lots of frustrations about guests are expressed here and believe me I understand. But I wanted to post about guests that are just awesome. We have one, a single woman with two dogs, who left us a gift at check out, washed all sheets, made beds with clean ... continua a leggere
Bonjour à tous, Je tiens à alerter la communauté d'une (nouvelle ?) pratique assez scandaleuse d'Airbnb. Nous avions accepté une réservation pour 4 nuits. Les voyageurs nous contactent quelques jours avant le début du séjour pour prolonger d'une nuit. Je ... continua a leggere
Hosting in general has been a great experience where we get to meet a lot of interesting and nice people with the added benefit of extra income. On the flip side, the hospitality business is extremely difficult and although I have found ways to get better... continua a leggere
Hi all, Had a very successful first year renting out our spare room in Wales, UK, superhosts, plenty of repeat stays, 4.98 average, about 92% occupancy month after month - and today had to action our first eviction: 2 overseas college kids studying in Wal... continua a leggere
I had posted that I learned a lot about cleaning having an Airbnb. I hate cleaning and have a cleaning service in my primary residence. It was clear after a few rounds with them at our Airbnb we needed to be working on some of the cleaning ourselves in ad... continua a leggere
Olá pessoal! Hospedar pode ser uma boa oportunidade para aprender coisas novas. Algumas coisas podem ser mais dificeis que outras, mas algumas podem ser boas surpresas. Eu me hospedei em Creta, na Grécia, onde a dona da casa começou a dobrar toalhas em fo... continua a leggere
Salut, S'il est possible pour vous, je veux partager avec vous quelques photos de nos maisons après les réparations. Je vais commencer par la maison dehors, l'entrée de la maison, les escaliers menant aux balcons Merci, Miloud