Allowing one day bookings between reservations

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Allowing one day bookings between reservations

My calendar is currently set to a minimum of two day bookings. I am currently getting stuck with a lot of one day nights between a checkout and a check in and would really like to allow one night bookings on those nights only. I don’t want to change my entire calendar to allow one day bookings however these nights between bookings would be good for me. I am a new super host, just started on Airbnb in June 2019. I was pretty surprised to hear they don’t have this available to do, has anyone else every asked Airbnb to do allow this?

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I dont' know about this specifically but I know lots and lots of people have repeatedly made lots of lots of request/suggestions.

Do not hold your breath waiting for something like this to change, you'll die from lack of oxygen.

Purportedly the greater the volume of complaints about a particular issue, the more likely there is to be change, but the change is usually terribly slow and very frequently a half baked measure that does not particularly satisfy anyone

I do know however that VRBO offers the opportunity to be more specific and discreet with their calendar so you may want to consider listing on that platform also - they have their own issues of course.