I am Air bnb member from las 2 months but didn't caught any booking , what is the reason ? Plz guide me properly, 


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Hello @Malik240 


I went onto one of your listings and there is very, very little information on your listing.  I would suggest you go back to your listings and complete all the new fields that will now appear that you have gone live on Airbnb.


You have about 10 amenities listed and that is all.  It says you have two bathrooms but I can only see one of them in your pictures and that the bathroom is outside and no hot water?  Is this correct?


You need to add some photos too and better quality ones if you can.  


You have no profile picture just an initial - not very reassuring for a guest who is putting their faith in your new listing.  Fill out the host profile information for the same reasons.


Your price is more than attractive so that's not the issue here.


Look at how other hosts have made their listings stand out to gain inspiration.

The two listings seem to have the same furniture and kitchen but the cover photo is different?  Are these two separate places you are renting out?


All the best


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Hello @Malik240, welcome to our community 😊


Our amazing Host, Joelle, has offered some great advice. Have you had the chance to read her suggestions?


I'm also sharing a few guides that could be useful as you get started:


I hope this helps ✌️



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