Calendar Sync Issues

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Calendar Sync Issues

Hello fellow hosts,


I recently began listing my property on VRBO as well, to expand my reach, but the VRBO bookings are not uploading into the airbnb calendar despite pasting the import calendar link from VRBO several times. I've have to manually do it. It works the other way, where bookings on airbnb are automatically importing to VRBO so I wonder if there's a kink with airbnb, or if it's a common issue?


Thanks in advance!



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@Jason1536   It took several days for the linking to work correctly, and it was not instantaneous once I pasted the link or initiated the sync.  I started with VRBO to Air.  A day later I set up Air to VRBO.  It has been working just fine now for a few years.   Try again!

Appears to be a one day lag for me. Thanks for your input