Changing Prices on rental day rates

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Changing Prices on rental day rates

3 Questions do you change daily rental prices?


2.Where are the settings to be found?


3.On what basis do you set pricing? 


Thanks Dee 

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@Darren458 just go to the calendar, highlight a night and input whatever price you want.

two methods for setting prices:

1) Cost + . Where you add up all your costs and then add a profit margin.

2) Market pricing. Where you look at the competition and position yourself relative to it.


If method 2 gives a result lower than method 1 then you have a business plan issue.

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Be sure to always check the Explore hosting resources section that you can find under the Menu on your dashboard, or at this page:




The primary site that you want to reference and bookmark is the Airbnb Help Center:, because it explains in easy to read language the policies and processes for hosting and being a guest on the platform.



The search feature is very intuitive and usually returns a lot of relevant information.




I highly recommend that you remove all of the photos that show your personal items in them and stage the spaces so guests can envision what's available for their use in the space.  Then reshoot the photos and repost them.  For example, place common kitchen appliances on the counter like a kettle, coffee maker, toaster and dishrack.  Provide a description of the living space inside of the rental.  Based upon the photos it looks like the settee and dining table are in the kitchen.  I think you should remove the photo with the kitchen items on one side of a wall and the bed on the other because it looks like a spliced picture and is weird looking.   Recheck your amenities list because there aren't photos of many of the things listed, e.g., TV, gym, dedicated work space, and then there are some commonly expected and photographed items that are showing as not included:







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Hi @Darren458 👋


It's been a while since you posted and I'm wondering whether you managed to get a resolution to your question? It'd be great to hear from you, so we can understand what the resolution was but also to support other Hosts who may have similar questions in the future. 😊



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