Feedback and help in getting more bookings

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Feedback and help in getting more bookings

My property is located in Colombia. I opened my account 3 years ago and have received only 3 reviews. While I usually receive direct bookings, I would like to attract more clients through Airbnb. I would greatly appreciate any feedback and recommendations for my listing. Thank you.

View on AirbnbHome in Quimbaya · 3 bedrooms · 8 beds · 3.5 bathrooms

View on AirbnbVilla in Quimbaya · 5 bedrooms · 15 beds · 6.5 bathrooms

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Hello @Johanna793 , how are you doing? 😄I hope you don't mind but I edited your post to add a direct link to your listing. This way fellow hosts can view it easily and provide some feedback 🙌🏽



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Thank you 😊

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@Johanna793  I looked at the larger listing. Overall, it looks really nice! 


The one thing I would tell you that is a real turn-off for me is having multiple beds in the same room. I don't think any adult or couple wants to sleep in a room with others. 


Why don't you keep guest capacity at the number that the bedrooms allow for? 


Also, I didn't see a cleaning fee on your listing. Is that intentional? 


Good luck! 



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My suggestion is your description and pictures point me towards a luxury experience but then sleeping so many people even if 15 people in the house.  15 people in a house for 5 days is work not spoiling myself.