Fix bad rating

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New York, NY

Fix bad rating

Hey guys, I’ve been a host for couple of months now and have gotten few bad reviews due to noise complaints, and the bathroom being in a shared space.


I am soundproofing the AirBnb listing, and moving the bathroom door within the listing space so it’s not in the shared space


My question is, after I’ve fixed the issues listed above, should I delete my listing and start new or keep the listing and try to improve my current rating which can take a while…

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In theory you can delete and restart - however Airbnb now seems to be using AI and image comparison to shut down any listing that restarts after being suspended etc. so it’s vital to avoid going that far.

I contacted AirBnb support they told me I can start a new listing that won’t be an issue but I’ll loose all my reviews which is fine by me. I will do that once it’s active again