How do you manage calendar pricing 6 months out?

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How do you manage calendar pricing 6 months out?

I am having challenges with pricing my Airbnb and getting it booked.  My friend said he couldn’t even find it when he searched for it! 

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Hi @Whitney274 

When did you publish the listing and go live?

It has been messy since I tried and they said 3 days before it would post.  I didn't realize this is a serious business which requires attention to details and a lot of maintenance.  Watching pricing adjusting pricing and dates.  It is more then I can manage on my own.


I need help 

this definitely takes time and is a part time job in my opinion, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Joan I honestly do not believe I can do this alone it is so much to manage and al the details I need someone to help me for sure I still need a cleaning person too ugh!  God bless everyone who makes it look easy.


It is alot at first for sure and definitely NOT easy. I did a search for the listing and didn't see it yet. Since it is new it can take up to 72hours for the listing to appear. This is a good thing, as it gives you time to finish setting up important settings on the listing before you have guests (House Rules, Cancellation Policy, etc.)


Since you are not ready to host guests yet (no cleaner - unless you plan on cleaning the unit yourself) I would block your entire calendar until you are ready to Host and feel your listing is setup the way you want it. You can do this by choosing "Unavailable by Default" in the Calendar availability settings and only unblock dates manually when you are ready.  You can also "snooze" the listing so it doesn't appear to guests until you are ready. Go to your Calendar/Availability and choose "Unavailable by Default":






I definitely would NOT do Instant Book until you get the hang of it. Watch out for scammers who look for the *NEW* callout on the listing and try to book your place for 3-6months. They know new hosts are vulnerable and try to take advantage. Right now you want shorter bookings as quickly as possible to get at least 3 reviews so your star rating will show on the cover photo thumbnail. 


You should try and find an experienced Co-Host by using the Airbnb Co-Host platform or someone else who has Hosted on Airbnb (friend, family member) who is knowledgable to help you; preferably someone local who knows your market:


Find An Experienced Co-Host


If you want further in depth help with optimizing the listing, I have a consulting business for Hosts and can help you with that. You can send me a private message if interested.


Feel free to come back here and ask questions....lots of very experienced Hosts that can help.


Thank you so much I have someone who offered to be my co-host for 15% her contract is such that I need an attorney to review it.  I am concerned as my listing has been up for week that you cannot locate it my friend said the same thing.

It is alot at first for sure and definitely NOT easy.

@Whitney274 what on earth is the co host planning to do for 15%? I would be very wary of signing up with someone too quickly. Do any of your friends have a computer literate teen who wants to earn money on the side? 

On your original question we have a base price in our listing that is on the high side. As the calendar opens up this is then the advertised price. As and when we can be bothered or as we get closer to a particular week we then edit this price to a more reasonable one. Worst case someone books at our high price (which is a great problem for the host to have).

Good luck with your new endeavour - You'll look back in 6 months and wonder why it all seemed so hard!

Hi @Whitney274 

Be sure you limit any initial Co-Host contract to a short period (4months?) so that if things don't work out, either party can terminate the arrangement without penalty. Ensure the contract clearly spells out what each party is responsible for. 


Let us know how it goes....😊

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Beautiful listing.

I would suggest take out your guest reviews pictures it is more an emphasis you haven't hosted.

Change your where  you will  be  sleeping to the actual bed You have a big  beautiful  bed show it off.

Remember how  you picked places on Airbnb.

I think your  choice of cover photo  is not the best.  You want a photo  that invites the Guest to take  a  closer look.  I know Airbnb suggestions when you are marketing to  couples, twilight shots are  good.

Check  your amenities  it says no  essentials.  Especially new host fill everything out House Rules Guidebooks.  Guests  will  be  nervous being  first  but if you show you have put in the time  even if they don't read  haha.  It provides more confidence in your commitment which gives them the impression if there is an issue you will  be committed to  helping fix.

I don't know the prices in your area, but  I priced  1 week and  cleaning and  Airbnb  fees were $400 then youur  nightly rate for  7  days.   Not  exactly inexpensive,  which might  be your area  market price  but are you offering a similar environment and experience as what you  are pricing  in  setting your rate?

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Hi @Whitney274 , Welcome to the Community Center! 🌻 


Was your friend able to find the listing later on? Here's an article to help you confirm that guests can find your listing. Do keep us posted what is shows for you in terms of views.

Experienced members Marie,Joan and Mike have shared very useful tips below. Did you explore the calendar settings as suggested by Joan?

We have a Community Guides section where experienced Hosts have shared useful reference materials to navigate through Airbnb settings. Sharing the link here for you to explore further : Click here to read more . Hope it helps 😊



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