Looking for a Super Host in Taguig BGC, Philippines for my condo

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Vallejo, CA

Looking for a Super Host in Taguig BGC, Philippines for my condo

Hello, I am looking for an AirBnB  Super Host to host and manage my condo in Taguig, BGC, Uptown area, Philippines. Does anyone know someone, in that area, that is managing multiple properties.  We live in the US. Thank you. 

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Manila, Philippines

Hi Frank! I handle our 3 family units in Taguig and I also live in the area. I can help out on your property, if you like. 🙂

Hi Frank,

I own a unit in Ortigas and im also managing other friend properties.

I can help you with your unit in BGC.




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QC, Philippines

Hello Frank,


I am an Airbnb superhost since 2018. I can help you manage your property in BGC.








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Toronto, Canada

Hello @Frank1660 ,

Community Center is a global forum, hence it might be a bit difficult to find area-specific hosts who would be interested in your offer. You can take a look at Local Host Clubs near you to connect with local hosts or Super Hosts.

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