Payout suspended over 21 days

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Baguio, Philippines

Payout suspended over 21 days

My payout has been  placed on hold  for 25 days already that involves a large amount of money due to incompetent airbnb support. On December 25th a message was sent to my inbox specifically on Trips inbox which I rarely check and no notification at all. I've been too busy during the peak months, especially at the end of December, little did I know that I was about to get temporarily suspended. I also contacted support since Dec 30 because it was really unusual to not get paid after guest check-ins. The airbnb support said that this is due holidays and assured me that they will be sending the payment on jan 4th. WHICH it really did not come. It's almost a month now and I'm still not being  paid.It's like Airbnb is doing this on purpose. Not notifying  me  correctly and not reaching out with a definite  reason for being on hold is looking very suspicious .I was still accepting  bookings  during the process and all payments are still being placed on hold. This totally cost me a lot and  endangered my business. Airbnb  doesn't  have the decency   nor the right action to prevent hosts like me from being placed in an aggravating situation  while it's under investigation  . AIRBNB is doing this on purpose, I was deceived that this problem was due to holidays. I should have been notified correctly but instead they keep stalling the process  .Nobody from support can actually ask for an update from the Specialized Team that is incharge of the investigation.

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Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hello @Jio19 ,


I understand that this has caused you a great deal of stress. I have nudged the concerned team to know if there are any updates regarding your situation. I hope this is resolved for you soon.

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Bristol, United Kingdom

Hello @Jio19 


I can see you have only recently starting promoting your STR business on Airbnb.


Just to say you are posting in a community for hosts and guests which isn't monitored by Airbnb.


If you want to contact them you will need to call them directly or use their online chat facility. 


You haven't mentioned anywhere why Airbnb has suspended your payments, if you can provide some background - other hosts might be able to help from their own experience.

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Bangkok, Thailand

I do agree team is very bad and not kind in their communication - after reading your post I worry I will have problem with payout. Airbnb can you help us Please Thank you 

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Bristol, United Kingdom

@Suleemas0  from your other posts you haven't yet been accepted to run experiences on the Airbnb platform . 


Just to say many put forward experiences for Airbnb to consider but not all get accepted so do use other channels to market your tours.  (I know there are already many city tours in Thailand so think about what you can do that is different).

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