Potential guests with no reviews or profile

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Cardiff, United Kingdom

Potential guests with no reviews or profile

Hi there,

I have recently had three potentail bookings, all from people with no profile information and no reviews.

I'm wondering what other hosts do in this situation?



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London, United Kingdom

I have the same, how did you handle it? I’m truly worried. Some had a profile since 2016 with no trips 

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Hollywood, FL

I  am no longer using the Airbnb platform for my rentals.


They do not protect the property owner if a  dispute arises. The insurance only pays out as secondary insurance after your homeowner's policy claim has been filed.


They have gutted my local neighborhood because of state lobbying. As a result, we cannot regulate locally, and now have over 2000 Airbnbs operating in a  small coastal suburban area.


Imagine fireworks each night, garbage bins overflowing,  cars doing donuts late at night, and gunshots when the parties get crazy. This is South Florida and police are overwhelmed.

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London, United Kingdom

It has beennhappening a lot recently. I declined at least 2 nonprofile or reviews. Is this the standard now? Why airbnb allow it? I thought they filter people.who join. Someone can be 0 review but no profile is unacceptable. Then they request a room by just sending a message I will be arriving on xx at xx time. They do not imtroduce themselves or say the purpose of visit...who they are or what they do...even out od courtesy. For several reasons i dont feel.comfortable and cannot accept them




I was wondering the same thing too! I had an instant book last night but they had no reviews but it shows they've had 4 trips... so not sure why he was able to do an instant booking without me accepting or declining the request and now I'm afraid to tell him no or could make my rating go down. Does anyone know why this happened? is it because he had 4 trips (even though there was no reviews but it had no negative reviews is that why he was allowed to instantly book? I called customer service and I could hardly understand what they were saying and they said they were not sure and they have to further investigate but they have not called me back with explanation. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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New York, NY

you've resolved the issues by now, since I see you posted two months ago.


That said, I got two, similar instant-bookings (1 trip, 0 reviews) and I have my Instant-booking settings at must have * identity verified and *good track record.   Apparently "good track record" now means no negative reviews  (and no track record, in the normal sense of the word, ie repeat history, is necessary) 😕 .   I also remember the one awful guest I had several years ago, airbnb suggested neither of us review the other... so when I see zero reviews, I think "not good."


Now that the definition of "good track record" (odd as it is) is clarified, and I'm clear that my settings were wrong, I'm frustrated, and have simply turned off Instant-book for everyone.  I suggested that airbnb fine-tune the "good track record" definition, or offer a couple levels we can opt in/out of, rather than having to turn off Instant-book.



re: your ratings, call customer service, ask about the odd instant-book that you didn't expect.  Say something like, "since the person has no track record, has no reviews nor profile info, I feel unsafe having them come to my place." (safety is a powerful word) and " how do I cancel the booking without it affecting my ratings, since this person instant booked and doesn't seem to follow the guidelines?


That said, sometimes I've had new-to-the-platform bookings, we exchanged a few messages, and the visit turned out great.  But them providing some info and sense of their character is key.


good luck next time.

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Prahran, Australia

Turn off instant book in your settings

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Los Angeles, CA

The policy is to remove the booking if you are 'uncomfortable' with an instant book.

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London, United Kingdom

I refuse the instant booking. Not safe, you better chose who stays.

I am thinking to call airbnb admin and report this kind of requests and people  zero review can be for someone who just join but not for a person who had few trips and been regisyered for 4 or 5 years. And no.profile to speak a bit aboit themselves and introduce themselves is not right too. I only accept people with reviews, profile, ID verified,.phome number and email...and photo

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Calhoun City, MS

What do you tell the guest when you deny their request? I’m currently in this situation.  @Selma30 

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London, United Kingdom

Hi Rexanne

Well to be honest i say the truth. Either i do not accept booking without photo ID verified 

Nor photo uploaded 

Nor zero.profile or reviews..

It happens also that the room gets better offer outiside airbnb

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Hamilton, United Kingdom

Hi All


Completely new to this - I went live Tuesday night and had a booking for next day within hours - two tradesmen - seem nice enough and they are staying for a week - right away though we got enquirers for the full month of October. Both new with no reviews. One seemed dodgy right away so I shut that down. The other seemed pretty ok but constantly wanted to chat and tell me about himself - I realized after a day that he was treating air b n b like a dating site when he asked me for my whats app so we could chat more and quicker and I said I would provide mine and hubbies when he booked. His profile totally disappeared off abnb within hours of me writing this. I have now got a female wanting to stay for 2 months and I have asked for ref's from their work (they are both Londoners moving to the branch near me in Scotland but abnb wont allow me to give her my e-mail address to  her - Any advice?


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Brighton, United Kingdom

I get very tired of receiving requests from blank profiles with names that don’t even match their request so I have a blanket response. I’m very careful who I allow to share my home and have been hosting for years and this is becoming increasingly worse. This helps me to discern and prevent potentially difficult or uncomfortable bookings. it’s just not worth it otherwise!

I am only able to accept bookings from guests with a completed profile and previous good reviews. This is explained in the listing.


When deciding on who to invite into my home I always consider previous host reviews, your profile information and an accurate photograph. I'm sure you can understand my reasons for this.


Based on you not being able to provide this information I’m sorry I can’t accept your booking.


So as to not waste your time and to make it easier for you to find the right accommodation I'd suggest always reading the listing information carefully as hosts generally provide essential information to help you before you make your booking request.

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Calhoun City, MS

What do you tell the guest when you deny their request? I’m currently in this situation. 

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Scotland, United Kingdom

I would tell them why you are refusing.  Presumably it’s because you have a policy of not accepting bookings without certain criteria: reviews might be one.  I usually ask the guests to give me some information about themselves and why they are visiting.  If they are genuine, they will do this.  I haven’t had to refuse anyone (apart from some with children), and so far I have not had any bad experiences.

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London, United Kingdom

Airbnb is so big now that it is out of control.

It is inacceptable and we should all report it.

Many friends deleted their airbnb listings because it is not safe anymore, so they say

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i have been a super host for 3 yrs and our property is rather open with other businesses downstair which required a lot of trusts from our guests. when someone trying to book last min. with no review i normally check if this person just join airbnb (you can see the year that they joined) if someone join this year, book 1 night, i normally asked them where they are from and sometime i give them a call just to see what they sounded like. pls don't let air bnb fool you, they will not take any responsibility if something happen to your property. go with your gut feeling. - lately i also ask for id check for guests with no review.  which most of the time they won't reply.

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England, United Kingdom

I have just set up as a host and within 24 hours three requests with no profile information or reviews so really appreciate this thread. is there no way to not accept requests from people ?

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London, United Kingdom

Of course

Airbnb still give you the choice to, either accept or decline

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Pegram, TN

I am new to this and just declined a 3 night stay because it was a new user and there were no reviews. As a single woman renting out a room in my house, I have to be ultra careful.  I might be more willing to consider the stay if it were just 1 night, but 3....just not comfortable taking the chance. 

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Montpinchon, France

Hi just had guests leave, one day earlier said the cottage was not suitable for their baby!! yet we have had 5 star reviews all summer.   They said it was stuffy, this is because they went out all day did not leave any windows open in this blistering heat!!!!.   Also I noticed that this person has no reviews on his profile and he joined Airbnb in 2016 I wonder why this is!!!    

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