Pricing flexibility

Pricing flexibility


New to Airbnb, we let our place for a minimum of 7 nights year round.  We have let it before through different agencies who price according to demand with a huge variation between low season and high season, the smart pricing on here is not really working for us, we would prefer to be able to dictate our pricing for each specific week of the year (yes we really do have 52 different weekly prices).


Can anyone recommend a way of doing this?  Is it possible...?  We can't seem to find a way.... help!


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Set up your own web site. They just lowered a cabin from 1200 a night to 291. That is not ok. 

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Hello @Lindsey398,


I just came across your post and wanted to ask if you have had the opportunity to explore @Mike-And-Jane0 's suggestion. As he mentioned, it could be time-consuming, but still worth it.


Let us know,





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@Lindsey398 Its time consuming but just go into your calendar, highlight a week and then set the price/night for that week.