Redesigned pricing tools, all in your calendar

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Redesigned pricing tools, all in your calendar

I have seen the great additions that Airbnb has given us but I do have 1 primary concern.

In the old calendar if I highlighted days on the right side a handy "price tips" would pop up and I could click on it to see the rate Airbnb would suggest. Now with the new "Pricing Tools" I do not see that anywhere. Am I missing something? has it been relocated to a different spot?

I used the price tips every day but now they seem to be gone 



Does anyone have any ideas?



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Now you can adjust your prices, change your availability, and review any discounts or promotions you’ve set in one place: a new pricing tab on your hosting calendar.


No matter which tool you use, we’ll show you how the pricing changes you make affect what the guest pays and what you earn. We’re also updating how price breakdowns are displayed and improving the weekly and monthly discount tool to help support your earnings goals.


The tools are among the 25 upgrades for Hosts in the Airbnb 2023 Summer Release. Get Early Access to start using them today. Once you opt in, you won’t be able to go back to the current version>

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@The12436 I suspect the ability to compare booked/unbooked prices in your area takes the place of price tips. The comparison tool is great as it allows you to decide what are valid data and what are not.

Price Tips have worked so well for so long for me, and it is very fast to use when you have several properties. 

Now you have to compare and weed out properties that are not like your property, then decide what is valid data and what is not, and then hope you did all of this correctly.

I do think this is a step in the wrong direction, this is making it harder to price your property not easier.

Very strange why this was marked best answer as it does not really answer the question.

Not only that in my area the only thing it compares me to are my other properties in the same building. So "ability to compare booked/unbooked prices in your area" only lets me compare to myself.

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Hi @The12436 , 

I have now unmarked the best answer. If you have opted in for the early access, were you able to add your feedback to the Airbnb team regarding your concerns?

You can do so by following these steps :

  • Select a feature from the list.
  • Tap or click Share feedback.
  • Add your feedback and tap or click Submit feedback.



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Out of interest why as a new cohost are you hiding behind a false profile name and cartoon character @The12436  It doesn't inspire trust with guests.

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I am the full-time co-host on 7 properties (this is my full-time job). I am not sure why Airbnb is masking my user name here but on my listings, it does show. The cartoon character is my logo and is very well known in my market. Google "the pvkid Puerto Vallarta " and you will see.