Room Darkening vs Blackout -- a new amenity option?

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Room Darkening vs Blackout -- a new amenity option?

Hello hosts, I'm a host for 7 years and a frequent traveler too. I also like a room to be dark for sleeping, with real blackout curtains or shades.  Currently the only option for hosts is to check "room darkening" but that is NOT the same...I just stayed at a historic home in Macon Ga with beautiful large windows. Loved them EXCEPT when it was time to go to bed. They had curtains, but they let in a lot of light... twilight all night given the street lights. Technically they met the "room darkening" as it's darker than without the curtains, but I find that option a bit lacking. I would like to be able to select " blackout curtains/shades" as an amenity vs. the vague "room darkening." For other hosts, is this something you'd see value in being able to check? 

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Hi @Peggy-And-Mike0!


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I’m surprised AirBnb does not not have an easy way to search for black out curtains. For a few years, I stayed in AirBnb listings, until I had enough of clueless hosts who did not use proper window coverings to block out light.
Last year I spent a week in Alaska at an AirBnb during Summer Solstice. I barely slept, because the short, light-filtering curtains let in a lot of light. There was only 2-3 hours of dark skies each night. I was miserable.

Now I stay at chain hotels, like Marriott or Hyatt brands. at least their designers know to use blackout curtains. If I’m in a remote area, that does not have decent hotels, I scour the listings, and I always send a message to the host and ask if they specifically have blackout curtains. I will not use Airbnb for the most part because of this ridiculous oversight on their part.