Trip length - in app location

Trip length - in app location

With the new update the trip length function doesn’t seam too intuitive to access via app calendar.  I had to go to a separate listing to get to “Booking Settings” then “Trip Length” setting. 

it used to be accessible right from the calendar. And even changing the rates to “suggested rate” it takes you out of the app into the desktop version of the calendar via pop up window. Thus adding time to load the page and an extra step.

That used to be instant from each listing calendar. I’d do that every morning adjusting minimum nights to 1 - if the place doesnt get booked - and so on… and when you have 3 -4 listings it used to be easy - but now is quite convoluted. 

id be able to do quick adjustments for trip length- set minimum days and seasonal requirements. 

I hope this feedback gets into the correct place. 
#calendar #triplength 

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hello @Cristina--And-Cody-0 ,

Thank you for sharing this feedback. I have noted this and passed it on to the relevant team. Keep sharing such insights🙌


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Level 10
Swannanoa, NC

@Cristina--And-Cody-0   Did you add this feedback on the calendar pages that you were viewing?  Because this is a forum of hosts and guests, not AirBnB programmers.   Copy and paste your post to every calendar feedback tab that you can find.  Someone might listen (but don't hold your breath).

Hmmm… like while being on the page - there’s a feedback section? I didn’t see on the app version but I’ll check the desktop version. 

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