house rules and state laws

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house rules and state laws

I wanted to get some feedback from fellow hosts.   How many of you actually have in your house rules about underage drinking?  I had this issue arise recently and did not realize that unless it is in the house rules, I am unable to have Airbnb do anything to assist me.   I feel that since this is law it would not need to be in my house rules.   I have since added it, but wanted to get input from others.  

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I do not have in my house rules  but  you have to validate your specific state laws   . A  bar or a  store  can not serve alcohol under 21 years of age,  but  in some states a minor at  a certain age  if  supervised  by whoever is the custodial adult in  a  private setting within limits iis   not a prosecutable charge.   I rent your house and I give my 18 year old a beer is seen  differently then   I rent your house so my 18 year old throws a party with a group of  minors without  the custodian giving approval or supervising.

I  have seen some hosts to prevent the underage parties  require all guests  must be  21.    

What actual  issue  did you have then maybe that could be better  answered.

It is not permissible in the state of Maryland for anyone under the age of 21 to consume alcohol. A parent can be charged for promoting the delinquency of a minor if allowing underage drinking.  


Then if so you need to have a Police Report Number of an illegal activity occurring in  your rental and then Airbnb can probably assist you.  Airbnb is not aware of every states laws.   In  Hawaii   probably because a lot of international and Out of State Guests consumption of alcohol was not so black and white.   If a crime of any type happened on a property you own,  you want a record that you reported to authorities so your protected from condoning illegal activity.

@Lori3686 Wow what a dull state. If memory serves me correctly it is legal to serve alcohol to your children in the UK from age 5. I guess it might explain why the British are a bit strange though......

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The following is listed in our house rules since we started hosting:


- No underage drinking, or belligerent behavior because of abusive drinking by anyone. Guests who break this rule, will be reported to the police.

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Hi @Lori3686 👋


Sorry you've had this situation at your listing but it's great that you've added it to your listing description. 


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In Europe anyone over 18 can be served alcohol in a pub , shop or restaurants and those who are younger can drink alcohol so unfortunately we don't have issues with under age drinkers😀 @Lori3686