Super Host Status in Vietnam 2022

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Super Host Status in Vietnam 2022

Hi I have been a long time Super Host (5 years)


In light of Vietnam's opening, we only recently annouced to open for normal international flight from 15th March 2022. The domestic flight has been resumed as normal in February. 

Hence, it is not possible to meet Airbnb requirements on Superhost. I'm wondering if any of us here got the same issue? 

Can Airbnb help extend the Super Host Review to another quarter or two?

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Community Manager
Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

Hi @Duc2


It's wonderful news that flights are resuming, though I hear your concerns and appreciate your honest feedback!


Throughout the pandemic, we’ve worked hard to help our Hosts adapt to the changing conditions of the pandemic, including changing the way we assess Superhost status for existing Superhosts. As travel continues to recover, and after two years of automatically extending Superhost status, we will resume our regular assessment process.


We however recognize some of our Hosts may still be unable to reach those criteria for legitimate reasons. Existing Superhosts with health and safety concerns related to the pandemic or who lose their status for reasons they think entirely outside of their control will be able to contact Airbnb support after April 1st to see if they are eligible for an additional extension of status through July 1.


I hope this helps!





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