How to maximize back-to-back long-term bookings

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How to maximize back-to-back long-term bookings

My current (and first) guest leaves Aug 30 and I want to get another long term booking as soon as possible with the automatic booking feature off so I can vet the candidates, maybe do a Zoom tour of the property with them. But I know if I open up the entire calendar so a person can book a long stay, someone might book the first night of a stay far in advance. I ask for 30 day minimum stay. Any suggestions for how to get back-to-back 30+ day bookings without big gaps between reservations? Thanks

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There is a solution for it, but is more like a trick to have the next long term booking as close as possible to the current long term stay.

At least "professional tools" must be activated in your account.

Then you need to have some knowledge how to work with rulesets.


The essential of the trick is:

- determine the check-in dates you want new booking to start

- create a ruleset to allow only check-in on those days (an apply it)

- create a second ruleset which a maximim stay longer then the available time period for new booking.

- apply this rule set to the time period, starting on the date AFTER the first ruleset is applied on


The multicalender will show "maximum" for the time period second ruleset is applied


Now it is ony possibe to book starting on the dates the first ruleset is applied to, for the default maximum timeperiod set in your listing. A booking can not start on the dates the second rulesetis applied.

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This is a serious feature oversight with AirBnB’s platform.


 There needs to be a way to set minimum gaps between bookings.



Guests can only book within X days of the current guests checkout date.


How hard would it be to incorporate such a feature?


 Would be useful for STR and LTR hosts, but especially for LTR hosts who regularly lose 2-4 weeks off Income due to 30-day booking minimums (often due to stifling local government regulations).



Let’s get a fix going for this, please.

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