I got a request from a nudist.

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Brasilia, Brazil

I got a request from a nudist.

Have you ever gotten a request from a nudist? What if? Would you accept it? 

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Midlothian, VA

I know that I'm late to this...as a nudist I would recommend that should you consider accepting a nudist that you find out what they use for sitting.

A true naturist will ALWAYS use a barrier such as a towel on any surface to use to sit on. Even in our own homes. Be mindful of the laws in your area if someone sees a nice person through the windows.

 Overall, a true naturist/nudist is likely love of the most clean individuals you would ever meet.

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Edinboro, PA

Lol.  Won't be long until abb policy will consider it a disability/discrimination if you don't.

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Berlin, Germany

@Mark-and-Carin0   "I'm not breaking your nudity rule, this is my Emotional Support Snake."

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Sayulita, Mexico

Ask the guest to send a full body nude photo and after viewing, you'll decide whether you want to see him naked in person or not. 😉

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Berlin, Germany

@Tereza92 As an in-home host you have every right to require guests to wear clothing in the common areas of the property, if nudity is out of your comfort zone. But since the guest took the unusual step of mentioning nudism in the request, it's probably best to make sure you're on the same page about the dress code before you make your decision.


I'd suggest at least requiring the guest to wear a mask, if nothing else, and maybe put down a dry towel before sitting on your sofa.

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Leeuwarden, The Netherlands





(But maybe, if there would be a secluded outdoor space to the accommodation)

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