My house has flooded while no one was there

My house has flooded while no one was there

Whilst the house had no one in it, the pipe burst and house is flooded and damaged. What’s the next step? Do I cancel everyone just by going to their reservation and cancelling ?

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Sorry to hear about this @Laura5333 - hope the advice and support here has been useful!


Thanks to @Fred13@Frances3408@Mike-And-Jane0, and @Kitty-and-Creek0 for your advice and support!



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Caution with insurance company; first thing is fixing the damage (which is the most important) and then then the loss of income part.

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@Laura5333 How bad is the damage? We had a leak once that caused the ceiling to be damaged but the rest of the room could be cleaned and dried out. We contacted our next guests and gave them the choice of putting up with the awful looking ceiling or getting a refund. They happily stayed and we fixed the ceiling before the next guests.

Yours sounds worse so Thebes advice is to contact the guests and then contact Airbnb to ask them to cancel due to an extenuating circumstance. This should come at no cost to you or them.

It’s pretty bad, it’s come through all the walls, the whole in the ceiling is massive, the Capet downstairs is ankle deep, beds all wet etc. I asked air bnb to cancel the guest today and the next one and they did and will waiver the cost if I send the photos / invoices/ reports for repairs. Insurance assessor was supposed to show this afternoon and didn’t. I wonder where we stand with loss of rent, it’s in our insurance but I’m just hoping that stands for Airbnb rentals too

@Laura5333. First step I would think is to get the insurance assessor out asap so you know the full extent of the damage and the likely timeframe for repairs (so whether all future bookings are affected or just some). Be conservative with trades availability.


Then you can start to contact guests- depending on their plans they may be happy to defer or yes, get a full refund. Once you know you can contact Airbnb support if you just want to give full refunds, but I think there is value in contacting guests personally so they understand why and are more likely to re book later once you sort it out (goodwill).


Also ask Airbnb to provide assistance to guests with alternate accommodation.

Great Thankyou! I have contacted insurance and hopefully have someone out soon. From the photos I got from my cleaner looks like months of Reno’s as it’s gone through the walls, through the kitchen downstairs, bedroom, ceiling collapse etc. our insurance covers loss of rent so fingers crossed that covers air bnb as it was pretty much booked solid untill December. I feel so bad for our guests 

@Laura5333. Make sure you take a copy of every booking and any invoices (download as a spreadsheet and PDF)  before you cancel, including the Guests full contact name and number.


Also I'd double check the definition of loss of rent with your insurance company; will help you understand exactly what you may be eligible to claim. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst in any claim situation.


It sounds like it will be a major undertaking. You are in a lovely part of the world I have visited on my way to Townsville and Cairns.


Good luck and let us know how you get on.


This is huge, such a mess for you to deal with. Thank goodness your insurance will cover you and you'll have professionals doing the heavy lifting repairs, and properly. Sending you support and patience! 

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