The Resolution Center - A Community Help Guide (Request or Offer Money)

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The Resolution Center - A Community Help Guide (Request or Offer Money)

-----------------Updated June 2017--------------------

An updated version of this Community Guide is now available in two new guides, Requesting money using the Resolution Center and Sending money using the Resolution Center.




I see many people asking how to refund guests, charge them for extra services, or claim against damages.  Please find below a guide on how to use the Resolution Center and the different options it offers.  If this post helps you in any way, give it a "Thumbs Up".


First, to get to the "Resolution Center", go to


You will be taken to the "Resolution Center" page with a dropdown list of your past, current, and future guests.



Choose the guest in which you wish to make a resolution with.  Then "Select a Reason" from the dropdown menu.


Depending on whether the guest is a current guest, a past guest, or a future guest, the  options change.


Options for a Current or Previous Guests:

Request money to change dates or guests

Request compensation for damages

Request payment for extra services

Address personal issues with my guest

Offer partial reimbursement

Offer money to change dates or guests


Options for a Future Guest:

Request money to change dates or guests

Request payment for extra services

Address personal issues with my guest

Offer money to change dates or guests


After you have chosen the guest and the "Reason", choose "Continue" under the "Next Steps" section to the right.


If you choose "Address personal issues with my guest", you will be taken to the Airbnb "Contact" page.


If you choose "Offer money to change dates or guests" or "Request money to change dates or guests", you will be taken to the guests reservation page where you can "Change Reservation" or "Cancel Reservation"


"Request payment for extra services" option - here you would input the amount you are requesting and you can write a message to the guest.





"Offer partial reimbursement" option - here you would input the amount you are offering to reimburse and you can write a message to the guest.  You can only go up to the amount of the reservation.






"Request compensation for damages" option- complete the required areas.  If you have several items damaged, you can choose "Add another item" and enter in the details for each item.  After everything is entered, choose "Done adding items".





After selecting "Done adding items", you will be taken to the screen pictured below where you can enter a message for the guest.  Then choose "Send request" and the guest will have receive the request.




I hope this "How To" has helped you in some way.  If so, give it a "Thumbs Up"! 





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Hello Everyone,


Thanks for your participation here. I just wanted to let you know that there is now an updated version of this Community Guide in two new guides, Requesting money using the Resolution Center and Sending money using the Resolution Center.


I will now close this topic for new posts. 


Thank you,






Thank you for the last 7 years, find out more in my Personal Update.

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I'm new to this site, I've had no clients, 4 interests who cancelled for whatever reason, all 4 wanting to deal with me off the site?!?  I'm not prepared to reduce my price as the room sleeps 3 people has its own deck and bathroom and I give my guests breakfast. I've had guests through friends of friends who were not Air B&B registrants, they loved my guest room, had a fabulous sleep, enjoyed their breakfast and gave me a glowing review but not on Air B&B. My home is on the site but I'm not getting bookings!

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Hello Dave and Deb,

Thanks for putting together the guide to navigating AirBandB resolution center.

I'm being directed to a distinctly different Resolution Center page than the one displayed in your post.

I have no option to scroll back in time to past resolutions, and i'm trying to reach someone from last Fall (to tell her about the bills I'm getting.)


I only see buttons to the effect of SEND MONEY or RECEIVE MONEY. I click RECEIVE money and I can only bring up the last two reservations.

If anyone knows the trick to accessing that more-detailed RESOLUTION CENTER page (with the view of San Francisco) that would be a great help.


Ian *vinnie*

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Hi wondering if anyone can help.  The resolution centre are refusing to help resolve a dispute with a guest whom I have requested money from for wilful damage.  I messaged guest with photos and a web link to replacement item as requested and waited 72 hrs before requesting resolution centre involvement.  I then went away for four days and was unable to access my mail.  On my return, I received a message from the resolution centre saying that my request had timed out as I hadn't replied in 72 hours and I had failed to supply a working link to one item and an invoice to repair another.  



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thanks Dave&Deb! Anyway to edit a resolution request? My pics wouldn't attach last night and I would like to try again but see no option. Thanks!

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the answer was to copy the text, delete the submission, re-submit it with the pasted info & attach the pics. Just an FYI.



But from what I can see, don't bother involving the Resolution Center unless you have iron clad proof of the guest causing the damage. Like maybe a video that is time & date stamped, with their face showing clearly . . .  maybe???



My case was cut and dry guests' word vs host's word, and even though I am a super-host with over twenty 5-star reviews, my word was NEVER even considered. I involved the RC because the guest said he didn't cause the damage and refused to pay, but the person who received my case just parroted back what the guest said and zero investigation was done. I asked repeatedly to communicate with someone else (another team member, a supervisor, an appeals person, anyone in the department with whom I could discuss not the outcome but just the process) and each time I was told that the guest was believed, I was not, and that I could not in any way ever communicate with anyone other than the person who originally received my case. Oh! But I was continually assured (through sloppy copied & pasted text) how much my contribution to airbnb was appreciated.



I think the decision was wrong but at this point it's not even about recovering the $55 so I can replace the damaged item, it’s about trying to contact someone in RC to let them know that their protocols are NOT acceptable by any customer service standard. 


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Thanks Dave and Deb for the post on how to add a charge for extra services.  I had searched high and low for this information and none of the search terms pulled this up.  Please add some more tags so it can be found.  I searched on "charging an optional fee" and lots of other combinations. 

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Hi. Thank you @Dave-and-Deb0 for your wonderful advice. This is my first foray into Airbnb and I have accidentally cancelled a guests booking. The guest drove me to the edge and I warned him that I could no longer tolerate the tone / nature of his requests. I cancelled and now he has apologised profusely and begging me to reinstate as there are 8 people in his party traveling a long way! 


Any advice would be very appreciated




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Hi Sarah, my advice is that if the guest has been in any way aggressive, or adopted a threatening tone to correspondence with a host, it is better not to have them as guests. If it was a simple mistake, then I would not be comfortable with hosting in my home someone who is quick to anger over such a thing. But I live in the apartment I host from. I would trust gut instinct of this.

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Thank you for great information!!
A few further questions if I may.....
If I ask my current guest to leave using this guide,
- am I penalised ?
- how much will I be charged? - will it affect my ratings?
I feel a matter of urgency around this and any help is appreciated.
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Good article thanks, but what are the options for the guest once they receive the request - eg can they propose a different amount? And if so how does it go from there...

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Hi Dave,


I found this post because of a link you posted in another comment on the matter of security deposits.  Could you please confirm that the process is the same regardless of whether or not you have a security deposit?  I just had someone leave wet clothes on my sofa for the best part of the month although I have a dryer and two clothes racks plus a balcony with plenty of space for clothes to dry and not get wet unless it is raining and the wind is blowing very strongly.  Airbnb quoted a passage out of the host guarantee terms at me and completely ignored the other terms (the ones guests see on the website).


So I don't even know if I actually managed to submit a claim against the security deposit or not?

I have a guest that I gave a partial refund to. I went through the steps in the Resolution Center but how do I make sure she gets the money? I had already transfered the money she paid to my paypal account. Will it be taken from there? I just want to make sure she actually gets it.


Thank you!

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Hi @Dave And Deb and thanks for your valuable tips and information on all manner of things.


We are trying to resolve the issue of charging extra for meals and the Resoluiotn Centre option seems to me to be the best way to do that. But I read a post in the forum that stated that you could only use the Resolution Centre once per guest booking. Can you comment on this please?


Our intention is to offer meals with 24 hour notice (or maybe less) and to then charge for the weeks selected meals via the resolution centre. So for someone who stays 4 weeks we would want to charge 4 times. We wouldnt want to wait until the last minute and put all the extra charges through then, which is probably the only option if you can only use the resolution centre once.


Looking forward to your response re this.



Paul & Vicki

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Thanks, @Dave-and-Deb0! Very clear instructions - i did actually do a search in the forums, but did not see this result there! I am quite new, so the learning curve is still very steep! These detailed, clear instructions were exactly what i needed!



Hi, do you know if there is a way to alter the amount of $ you originally requested in the Resolution Centre with your guest? We seem to have come to an agreement, but I don't see anywhere to change the amount. Can my guest change the amount from their end? Or if I "close" the submission can I open it again with that guest? 


Thanks is in advance for any help 🙂



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I have the same question! Did you figure it out as yet?





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Is this info on partial refunds current? When I go to the resolution center, there is no drop-down menu of past, present and future guests--only the future guests. I'm trying to provide a partial refund for my guests, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do this. Thank you.

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Thanks, very helpful! I couldn't figure out how to charge a pet fee