Host Community Tour: Lizzie's travel journal (Day 3, 4 & 5)

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Former Community Manager
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Host Community Tour: Lizzie's travel journal (Day 3, 4 & 5)

Location: Tokyo - Sydney
Duration of visit: April 2nd-4th (Tokyo) / 5-6th (Sydney) / 6-7th (Adelaide)
Distance travelled (so far😞 11532 miles / 18555 kilometers
Hello hello,
So the last few days have flown by in the blink of an eye, particularly due to a 10 hour flight! So, I wanted to catch-up with my recaps and give you an overview of the past few days.
April 4th
I started my last day in Tokyo,with another wonderful breakfast from Yagi, this time with a meat dumpling thrown in! It was such a pleasure meeting him and hearing his enjoyment for hosting and generally getting to know one another. One thing I didn’t know until the last minute is, he is a keen artist and the artworks in his listing were actually his own creation. As a gift, he had created one for me, it translated as ‘gentle, smile.’

Me! .jpg


As I head into the office, I will share with you one tip, dont’t travel with a suitcase in Tokyo rush hour. I arrived at the station to see trains full of people with their faces up against the window, I started to think I really want that to be me? Perhaps I can wear all the clothes and empty my suitcase?
The rest of the day was spent connecting with the wonderful Japan Team in the office. It is a real treat to visit the team, they have great enthusiasm, they love the community and they also know how to welcome guests. Take a look at this platter of food.




Later that day, it was time to head to the airport for an overnight flight to...Sydney!
April 5th
By magic...10 hours later and about 2 hours sleep (and a little bit of a cry at a film on the plane - ha) we arrive in a very warm Sydney, quite a difference from the temperature in Tokyo. I of course was prepared for this...with my thick jumper, coat, socks and snood...bring it on! 🙂
I wasn’t able to check-in to my Airbnb until later, so I headed over to the Sydney office, and took advantage of the shower.
Later that day, we hosted and recorded a Q&A with a live audience. With a group of hosts from across Australia filling the room, this relaxed environment was a little different to some of our previous Q&As. I remember many of you provided feedback on the style and feeling of the previous Host Q&A events, so I'm excited to hear your thoughts and hope the Aussie hosts did not disappoint you with the questions. The team is working on a version of the video to share with you all - stay tuned!
April 6th
I’ve nearly caught up now! After falling asleep on my bed, in my day clothes, I had a pretty good sleep. Stylish as ever! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to spend much time with my host as basically I was only there for a few hours, but Sonya’s private room and listing was lovely. The bed was so comfy, I could barely get myself out of it and her personal touches like this towel basket were really welcomed. I’m hoping to visit again in the near future.



In the morning, a group of about 40-50 people rejoined to contemplate about community. With a day full of different presentations from hosts and Airbnb team members, Laura Chambers joined us to facilitate a host discussion around community values. 
I have to say this was a very energetic session, with hosts sharing their thoughts on what values are important to them. One thing in general I sensed by the comments was that hosting is a very fulfilling thing for them and that hosting can help to strengthen their local community. 
It was lovely to meet so many Australian hosts, thanks for having me. Off to the airport I go again, this time I’m on my own, to Adelaide, to meet a certain Community Center host...I wonder if you can guess who it is??
I hope you enjoy my recap and are liking the sound of the things discussed.


Thank you for the last 7 years, find out more in my Personal Update.

Looking to contact our Support Team, for details...take a look at the Community Help Guides.

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Pensacola, FL

  @Lizzie   What a joy to read and see all about your trip...........esp. this time in Japan - I spent a month in Tokoyo and Shinjuku was my favorite place - I was there during this exact season with cherry blossoms everywhere - it was thrilling each and every day - I was teaching dance so got to be part of a wonderful crowd of very hard working, driven people - the hardest working folks I've ever encountered, ever. They could remember combinations and detail that blew my mind daily......I adored everything about Japan, mostly the people, food, colors, designs, chop sticks,  smells, the bullet train -shopping,  how the people worked so hard to please I could go on. Those fish - I was told that if put in a small space they stay small  but put in a large open space those fish will grow and grow- that kinda makes sense with the culture and people also. I admire how they manage living in such small quarters sometimes and totally love how clean, sleek and tidy everything appears. The subway was so impressive, neat, tidy, CLEAN - and very crowded! Thanks Lizzie for bringing back wonderful memories for me and sharing your trip.....JOY JOY

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

@ Wonderful travel and adventure @Lizzie ! 🙂 Here... reading and seeing the pictures on the other side of the world !!!

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Auckland, New Zealand

hahaha @Lizzie @Nutth0 @Ann72 @Miloud0 @Fran2@Sandra@everyoneelse


If indeed you are meeting @Robin from CC, make sure you get lost in his garden...It looks so great and is a pleasure to see his photos when he posts them on here.


All the best for Adelaide ...

Host Advisory Board Member
Chiang Mai, Thailand

@Lizzie A great story will follow you in this late April ( but in Kansai area ).

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@Lizzie You look so pretty!  What a great whirlwind you're having.  Can't wait to hear your report about Robin and Ade!

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Rabat, Morocco

Salute @Lizzie


It is an interesting travel journal @Lizzie .  




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Daylesford, Australia

Is it Robin???

Level 10
Launceston, Australia

Has to be doesn’t it!!!!???? He is our main “voice” here and represents exactly how I think and feel!

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Jeju-si, South Korea

Thanks for your recap and experiences you have made. Flight from Tokyo to Sydney could be a long journey but your smile looks quite happy. To me, just reading your recap can be a great help when I manage my job, greeting lot of guests coming from around the world. Thank you again and God will be with you wherever you go. Cheers!



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