We hosted the guests from hell who totally trashed our house, stole things, and broke every rule including having a party. We documented everything they did and got a cleaning quote for a deep clean, and submitted it on the last day possible because it to... read more
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Hiya everyone, As some of you know, I’ve got a little one of my own and he can be a right handful, especially when balancing work, buying and selling a house and a plethora of other bits and pieces in the day-to-day. This got me to thinking, I won... read more
Are you a Host with children?
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How hard is this to create a toggle for pet fee? We have resort fees, laundry fees, management fees, but still no pet fee. Why is this?
Hello everyone, Ever since Airbnb Experiences were launched, I have seen some Hosts discussing and launching their own Experiences. I love that over here in London, we have a great assortment of walking tours, pub tours, and, in general, some lovel... read more
Whilst being a Host, do you also offer Experiences?
Hello everyone, Let's see our way into the spooky weekend in style! It's about time we had another CC social. I'm hoping to see some of our regulars and new faces alike. For an activity, let's bring out best Halloween costumes, make up, decorations a... read more
[Meetup] October 29th: Community social
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I received a phone call last night. The new guest let me know that water was on the floor in the kitchen and that a pipe had broke. After having two house fires already, my mind started racing. Luckily, the home is next door. I purchased the home in June... read more
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Is this an obnoxious request or am I being insensitive? I do not allow smoking anywhere on my property. There is a covered all weather porch with seating and even a TV and a yard. I can understand if they asked to smoke there. Put inside the house? Why ca... read more
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The above subject-line showed up from Airbnb on my email this morning. Message is this :-"The wifi speed test tool is hereOn November 4, we will remove the manually-entered wifi speed from listings. You can now use the wifi tool to verify and highlight y... read more
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Hi all - long time reader first time poster. I had a cancellation for a booking that was done months ago. It was cancelled and 4 minutes later I had a new booking at my normal rate. Great, right? I later went to look at what things were renting for in... read more
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