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Hello everyone, Today's topic is something that probably most of us can relate to (the title says it!). A few years ago, I shared a topic asking all of you at the time whether you've had guests forgetting items. I received some lovely responses... read more
Items guests left behind
Latest reply by Debra300
Dear Fellow Hosts, Something despicable happened this afternoon, I received an email from Airbnb that the guest cancelled his reservation and received a full refund, Over One month after his travel date, despite my policy being Strict. He never informed m... read more
We are new to AirBnB and had a nice streak of excellent guests until we rented to a very young man without reviews.He turned our home into a frat party house! He brought in extra guests (we caught him on camera) and huge amounts of alcohol, smoked behind ... read more
Latest reply by Sarah977
Hi everyone, Having some sort of water feature in your garden can be a wonderful addition for any home. When it comes to hosting though, I’ve read a lot of different thoughts and advice on weighing up whether they can be more trouble than they are wort... read more
Does your listing contain any water features?
Latest reply by Debra300
Dear all, i have a guest who made a reservation for one night in my appartement in Switzerland. But she made a party at my place and she did a lot of damage and had to do a lot of cleaning after her. He made all night party and turn my appartement into a... read more
Latest reply by Sarah977
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