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Hi everyone, Recently we discussed how to travel responsibly, but what about responsible hosting? One easy way could be to choose reusable items for your listing, like straws made out of bamboo, metal, or even pasta! Or maybe provide tote bags for y... read more
What reusable items would you recommend?
Latest reply by Debra300
Hello everyone, I hope you are keeping well. We are quickly moving towards the end of the year, but before we head into 2021 (I think many of us are quite looking forward to saying goodbye to 2020), we still have time for several more social meetups.... read more
[Meetup] November 25th, 2020: Community Social
Latest reply by Christine615
Hi everyone, I have been playing with different things to get 5-star reviews, I've noticed it is not only a matter of having a top-notch listing.These are the 5 things that have worked for me during the last 7 years I've been a Superhost: Set guests... read more
Latest reply by Cave0
Hey team Airbnb hosts and guests!just got my first lovely guests aboard Magic, a yacht in Whangamata Harbour, So excited to be able to offer such a unique space at this time.. looking forward to assisting future "pirates" to a wonderful stay! thank you a... read more
Latest reply by Helen427
A green ECO HOST badge, similar to the Superhost badge would allow guests who want to travel with minimum impact on the planet to choose to stay with someone who shares their concerns. I think Airbnb would be the first company to have such a thing? The c... read more
Latest reply by Andrew0
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