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I first used Airbnb as a guest, that was back in 2014. I was vaguely aware of the name but had no idea what it meant. We wanted somewhere on the northern beaches of Sydney in New South Wales to stay for 2 weeks and my youngest daughter said…..’No worr... read more
A Hosting Handbook for (Wise) Dummies
Hello, everyone, News broke the other day that Airbnb is giving residents of Los Angeles the chance to stay in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air mansion. The cherry on top? Will Smith will be their actual host! That is certainly the right way to mark and c... read more
The most unusual Airbnbs
Latest reply by Nick
"I'm ready - Milky the cat" Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I won't be around on the CC next as I'm moving into my new house! My lovely colleagues @Nick ,@Katie, and @Liv will be here so please reach out to them if you have any q... read more
See you soon! ‌🏖‌
Latest reply by Nick
Hello everyone, I hope you are all keeping well. It sounds like the last Community Center was very much enjoyed, which is fantastic to hear. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it and catching up. Another two weeks has past us by and so it time... read more
[Meetup] September 23rd: community social
Latest reply by Lizzie
HI fellow hosts, I've read some other threads on Guest V. Spiders, very helpful. Just thought I would tell my story.A guest who is new to Airbnb (July 2020, no reviews) books 39 day stay with us, a month in advance, for 39 nights. As I've been doing since... read more
Latest reply by Robin4
Extremely troubling developments for Airbnb in the light of the impending IPO. For several years now, the company has actively and deliberately sought to keep hidden the true scale of the takeover of the platform by professional property managers and comm... read more
Latest reply by Sally221
Hello everyone, Over the last few months we received some feedback from several members in the Community Center saying that they have, on some occasions, had problems posting or sending a direct message, as a result of having the page open for a while. ... read more
[CC Feature Update] Session timeout message
We are in the 4 distinct season zone of the eastern US. I recall preparing our Airbnb last year on Oct 17. We went in in the early evening and it was 75 degrees after a 80 degree day. We had the windows open. Over the course of the few hours we were there... read more
** Is this another typical Airbnb weaknesses? I really dont think Airbnb really follow their own review policies. So if guest was giving one star review without staying, disappointed because of their own booking mistake, expect entire unit while they... read more
Dishonest and untrue guest review
Latest reply by Dale711
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