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Hiya everyone, Though we’re probably sick of hearing it now, things have changed due to the pandemic and hospitality has definitely felt a big impact. Today we are talking about your listings guidebook or welcome booklet, whether physical or digital. T... read more
What do you include in your House Guide or Welcome Booklet?
Latest reply by M199
Hello lovely CC members. I wanted to get some guidance regarding an issue that I'm having right now with a uncommunicative guest. We had good communication until the booking was confirmed (this was about 1 month ago). Since then I sent a message a week ... read more
Latest reply by Sarah977
I've been a mess since finding a man cut up, vomitting and attempting to hang himself off my coat racks ... my place was destroyed and airbnb write me emails that unless i have every receipt for a cup etc they wont pay - even though they have footage of w... read more
I stayed at a room in Lyon for 3 days last Christmas. What a weird and uncomfortable experience. The first night the host invited me to have dinner with him and his mom and it all seemed very nice at the beginning, but the next day he started sending me ... read more
Latest reply by Sarah977
Hello everyone, Thank you to everyone who introduced themselves to the Host Advisory Board (HAB) earlier this month, it was a great conversation. As we are nearing the end of February, I'm pleased to share the next spotlight and update from @Omar202,... read more
I need a system that accomplishes the following: a) Send me an alert if door is left open (or ajar) more than X amount of time.b) Automatically lock if and only if the door is closed. c) Option to control with a keypad (so not everyone is forced to downlo... read more
Latest reply by Debra300
We just had three men check out yesterday. Quickly, upon arrival to the home, I realized all three men slept in the same bed. Next, look for damages, which there were many: wine-spills on hard-wood floors, a set of designer hand-towels ruined from win... read more
Latest reply by James2566
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