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We had a booking for a family for 5 days: husband, wife, 2 kids 9 and 4 1/2 years old. Within these 5 days they managed to break a glass brick wall in the bathroom and damaged our bed so badly, that it needed to be recovered. For the 5 days they paid € 25... read more
Latest reply by Dee148
It is no coincidence that food is king on social media. Seeing as most of us eat three meals a day it is effortless to create a post - just snap a photo of your meal - but more importantly, it is relevant to everyone. Food is part of the human story, n... read more
Lockdown lunches
Latest reply by Quincy
Hello everyone, The International Day of People with Disabilities was last month and I’ve been thinking about inclusivity and how the travelling experience of those guests must be in different parts of the world. Whether you provide your house rule... read more
Have you ever hosted a person with disabilities?
Latest reply by Sarah977
Yesterday another booking arrived, we have had 21 this month, so you can imagine we are feeling a bit 'guest out'! Karman ** and his partner ( I hope the moderators won't remove his name because guests like this need to be acknowledged) walked up our driv... read more
My dream guest.
Latest reply by Sarah977
Hi my name is Marie-Alice and I started with Airbnb in November 2020. I am learning a lot but loving it. This is very important to me as it helps me to reach my goal of financial independence. I am looking forward to doing this for a long time!! I hope to... read more
Latest reply by Nick
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