Cleaning Fee

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Cleaning Fee

We are new to hosting and put up a cleaning fee for our 2 bedroom granny flat. My husband just came home and said that he was told the cleaning fee shows up on the page as a nightly fee added to the rental fee and so makes the listing look really expensive


- how do we set the cleaning fee separate from the per night cost ?? and what are others charging for a 2 bedroom seperate dwelling with kitchen and bathroom and lounge/ dining rm? We live in a suburb of Perth West Oz


Thanks Shona

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Hi @Shona-And-Keith0,


I do notice that you do not have a cleaning fee on your listing.  To put a cleaning fee on your listing, go to your listing and click on the "Pricing" tab on the far left.  Then scroll down and enter your cleaning fee in the appropriate box in the "Additional Pricing Options" section.


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Was anyone here able to talk to someone with Airbnb to find out why the cleaning fees are sometimes there and sometimes not?  I am also having this problem with my bookings.  It's happened a couple of times recently.  Here is another thread with people having the same problem:

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1. Is the Cleaning Fee included (as income) in the annual 1099 issued by Airbnb?


2. Have any Hosts (successfully) deducted the cleaning as an expense when filing taxes?

That is a great question!  This is my first year with airbnb so I don't speak from past experience, but my thinking is that the cleaning fee is income and will be lumped in with the rest of your income.  If you do your own cleaning, that's the end of that.  But if you hire someone to do your cleaning, whatever you pay that person should come out of your profits and go toward expenses (but that will be done in your own bookkeeping.) If you've paid that person more than $600 for the year, you'll have to file a 1099 for that independent contractor.

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how to add cancellation policy? i can't find. i need help guyz