Last Minute Change Goes Against Policy

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Last Minute Change Goes Against Policy

I had someone (who is new to Airbnb) make a reservation for this coming weekend (2 nights).  On Sunday he told me he did not need Friday, only Saturday.  I have a 2 night minimum on my listing so I told him that.   He was very friendly up until that point, but I didn't hear back from him after I told him.  I'm sure he is not happy about that.  Should I allow him and his family to stay for just one night and refund him the first night?  That is a lot of work for me to set up/tear down extra beds and not get paid for it.  I'm not sure what to do. What would you do?




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Depends on your threshold. I would take the night if I thought there was very little chance to rebook at short notice. You've got a strict cancellation policy. I assume you've put that in place for a reason, right? 🙂

Hi Robert,


Thanks for your reponse.  I am not clear tho.  When you said "I would take the night", did you mean you would just allow him to stay the one night, or did you mean he the guest has no choice but to accept the extra night?  There are no other properties nearby for him to book last minute, and he can't cancel or he loses all his $.  This is his first AirBnB experience.  



@Susan317 I know Lancaster, I spent some time there. It's fairly rural, Amish and unique, etc. I loved my time there! 😄

What I meant was that it's up to you whether or not you accept the new circumstances, offer a rate change or a refund to the guest and be an awesome human being to boot, or stick to your guns as per your cancellation criteria.

Your call! I know you'll do the right thing 😄


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@Susan317 I'd stick with my 2 night minimum if that is what you have set on your listing.  He can cancel if he wants to ..Not your fault if his plans changed. 

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@Susan317  I think if you polled the host community, you would get a 50-50 split on what to do.  Some say make an exception and others say stay with your rules.  You have a great deal of experience and a ton of great reviews, so I don't think if the guest writes a negative review it will do much harm to your business.  The guest will learn a lesson about using the Air BNB platform and will not expect to have the same experience as booking a hotel room.  Whether guest or host, many of us have had to "pay" for our Air BNB education.