Should I charge a cleaning fee?

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Should I charge a cleaning fee?

I am wondering what I should charge for a cleaning fee? Is there a particular criteria for cleaning fees? How do you all decide?


I haven't charged any fee so far since I usually just wash all of the linens myself after a guest has come and gone. It occurred to me today when I ran out of detergent (like three months early) that bleach, detergent, and the like cost money. I'm a new host, obviously.


For each reservation I generally wash four sets of towels plus however many hand towels were used (by previous guests). I also wash the mattress protector (1), pillow protectors (six), pillow cases (7), fitted and flat sheets, quilts (2), table cloth (1), kitchen towels (2), and every so often I wash or dry clean the pillows themselves. I use hypoallergenic detergent as well as splash less bleach and oxi-clean for whites. In addition to laundry I also use vinegar to mop the kitchen floor in the suite, Windex on the glass dining table, baking soda on the carpet before I vacuum, and I wash the shower/tub, sinks, and counters throughout with an all purpose, green spray. I use a bleach tablet in the toilet back every few months or so. I also Febreze the curtains and sometimes the carpet after vacuuming.


If I use any other products I am forgetting about them right now. 😃


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Up to you if it is part of the overall price or a separate one. I have never charged a separate cleaning fee myself as I feel it is a hidden fee and like to see upfront what my stay will cost, so I can make comparisons. Impossible when the associated fees are added. It does make sense if you consider a onenight stay will be more expensive than a longer stay, as the cleaning fee is only paid once. But I still like a flat rate. Every host is different. I wish it wasn't an option so we would all be the same. If I was to charge an accurate cleaning fee my place would become much more expensive, but my time is not rated so high... Prefer to be fully booked, and I am.

Most hosts will disagree on me about this, have answered this question before!

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Lincoln, United Kingdom

I agree with you.  I have never charged a cleaning fee either.  I have noticed on some of the listings in my area, at first glance, they appear to be cheaper than mine but when I take into account their charges for cleaning and second guests, they often work out more expensive.

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I charge a small cleaning fee to off set costs of the minimal products I use. It also sounds like you do way more waning than I do. I wash towels and sheets between guests, but wash other things once a week unless otherwise needed. I.e. Large pillow casings, throws, duvet cover etc. we only charge $25. It also in part goes to the kids as allowance because they help clean our guest house.
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I think you should. Firstly from my quick test your prices are very reasonable. I looked at a two day stay and it came out to $80. Thats a lot of cleaning and cleaning supplies to earn $80 for 2 days. And yes it's no joke cleaning supplies cost money and add up quick. Also I'm guessing you put about 2 hours of hard work into getting the room back into order. I feel like $25 would be very fair. 


Good luck!


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I also charge a kind of minimal fee so that preparations and work for a booking which are always pretty much the same, whether it's only 2 nights or 6 nights, are more fairly distributed on a booking.

Two nights will cost more per night, but with a slightly longer booking up to the max. 6 nights guest will end up with lower per-night expenses.

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I charge a fee which covers the cost of taking the sheets to the laundrette to be washed and dried. The charge is a fixed amount that needs to pe paid everytime a guest stays; in this situation a cleaning fee is the only way I can ensure its covered.
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Definitely charge! Like you said, the products used, the time and energy you spend cleaning, and also the water consumed for laundry and other thngs all cost money. You deserve to be compensated for it 😉

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Yes, you should charge a cleaning fee. We determined the rate by finding out how much a cleaning service would charge us to clean our rentals on an hourly basis. Your time and that of your children is valuable.

Is there a option you can check to add a cleaning fee? if so, where is it, thanks

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Grantham, United Kingdom

@Samantha53 Hi - I do not include a cleaning fee in my listing - however, my last guest left the bedroom and kitchen in a filthy state which required much more additional cleaning - her hygiene was poor - she also ignored all my house rules.  I have not left a review for her beacuse I would have to be very honest - the best rating I can think of is *0*  

Whilst there's still no cleaning fee I have updated my house rules stating should my guest leave any areas unclean or untidy a £15 cleaning fee will be claimed within 48 hours via Airbnb.

Guests don't always read rules therefore observing how this pans out!

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Lincoln, United Kingdom

I think you are wrong not to leave an honest review.  How are future hosts supposed to know what to expect if they are not forewarned?

You should have left her a bad review to warn off future hosts from her!

Hi D.   Please leave this guest an honest reveiw for teh sake of other airbnb properties she will book in future.   I declined a six night two bedroom booking a week or two back thanks to an honest review of how she was in her last stay.   Not one i wanted to entertain!  Was so grateful that the host had left his honest reveiw.

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I am so upset to see that you have not reviewed a "filthy" guest.  As a new host to AirB&B, this is my worst nightmare to have someone like this who stayed in other homes and never reported so they continue to do this to others.  Let's be honest to protect each other.