What do I do when the guest requests an invoice?

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What do I do when the guest requests an invoice?


I recently had the situation in which a guests requested an invoice. I have told to ask for the invoice directly to Airbnb, but he told me that Airbnb issues the invoices only for its commission and that for the rest of the amount I (the host) should be the one issuing an invoice. 

Which doesn't seem right. As Airbnb is the one cashing in the money and then making the payment towards the host.

Could please somebody explain me how the invoicing system works? What should I reply to my guest?

Thank you.


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(The Hungarian Tax Authority also confirmed this standpoint.)


So here are my assumptions:


Key information in this topic:



In my case Airbnb has a:


website providing entity, that issues the commission invoices:

Airbnb Ireland UC, private unlimited company

8 Hanover Quay

Dublin 2, D02 DP23, Ireland


and a payment providing entity, that provides the payment service for the Hosts, (like a POS Terminal provider):

Airbnb Payments Luxembourg S.A.

4, rue Henri Schnadt

L-2530 Luxembourg

Airbnb is only entitled to issue invoices after its commissions (Airbnb Ireland UC, private unlimited company), but not for the actual accommodation service providing fee itself, there Airbnb only acts as a payment service provider for the Host (Airbnb Payments Luxembourg S.A.).


The process briefly with so called: Split-free pricing*:

  • Guests pay the full amount to Airbnb, card is charged by Airbnb Payments Luxembourg S.A..
  • Guest and Host commissions go to Airbnb Ireland UC, the remainder amount goes to the Host from Airbnb Payments Luxembourg S.A. (via Payoneer etc.)
  • Airbnb issues for the Guest a half invoice (Airbnb Ireland UC) and a half “payment certificate” (Airbnb Payments Luxembourg S.A.). (!!!) (And this is the reason why this “invoice” is super confusing, since it is a half payment certificate… -.-)
  • Airbnb Payments Luxembourg S.A. sends the remainder amount to the Host, the Host issues an invoice to the Guest about the accommodation service providing fee, that fee also includes Airbnb’s Host commission amount (!).
  • Airbnb Ireland UC issues an invoice to the Host about the Host commission, with this invoice the Host can deduct this amount from His revenue as an expense. (Also VAT reimbursement, but I don’t want to overcomplicate it. XD)


It’s that simple. XD


Thus again, in reality 3 invoices will be issued in the process:

  • From Airbnb Ireland UC to the Guest about the Guest commission.
  • From the Host to the Guest about the accommodation service providing fee, that fee also includes Airbnb Ireland UC’s Host commission amount (!).
  • From Airbnb Ireland UC to the Host about the Host commission, with this invoice the Host can deduct this amount from His revenue as an expense. (Also VAT reimbursement, but I don’t want to overcomplicate it. XD)


And again the reason why the “invoice” that Airbnb (Airbnb Ireland UC + Airbnb Payments Luxembourg S.A.) issues is super confusing, is because that “invoice” is a half “payment certificate”.

That is why both the website providing, Airbnb Ireland UC, and the payment providing entity, Airbnb Payments Luxembourg S.A. are on it.
Hence the footnote:
“Airbnb Payments Luxembourg SA ("Airbnb Payments") is a limited collection agent of your Host. This means that upon your payment of the Total Fees to Airbnb Payments, your payment obligation to your Host is satisfied.”


Thus we can state, that the invoicing process doesn’t always follow the payment process directly.

If there are payment collection agents included in the process, these agents will not be issued any invoices by the Hosts.

Another great example to better understand, when a Host would use a POS Terminal to receive payments that is operated by a commercial bank, Guests would use the POS Terminal to pay, thus the payment service of the commercial bank would be used (just like Airbnb Payments Luxembourg S.A.), but You as a Host would not issue an invoice to the commercial bank, but to the Guest.


Unfortunately Airbnb does a terrible job explaining this, and neither their customer support team - who usually I am barely able to understand due to strong accents, (of course They don't have Hungarian speaking agents, phone number etc., which is already a shame, taking into consideration how many listings are there in Hungary...) - knows this pretty good...


Extra information and fun facts:


What makes it even more vague, that in fact the Guests are able to download a so called "invoice" from trips page - where They can actually add invoicing details later ???, I mean how legal is that, changing invoice details after the invoice is issued. XDXD Jess, man. Very professional.

How Payoneer Inc. (https://www.payoneer.com/) as Airbnb’s payment service provider, which Hosts receive Their amounts from comes into this picture? 

Please just don’t ask.

Difference between receipt and invoice:

  • Receipt: No buyer details on it, usually issued for private persons.
  • Invoice: Buyer details on it, good for cost deduction, VAT reimbursement etc. 


*please refer to:

Now They even have:
“Simplified pricing: Airbnb will deduct 15% from each payout. Guests won’t be charged a service fee – the price you set is the price guests get.”

Which is maybe even a terrible choice since as far as I know Airbnb is not even able to issue a proper commission invoice for the Hosts. XDXDXD
I called Them, answer: “We don’t have that option.” XDXDXD
Airbnb Ireland UC, private unlimited company

8 Hanover Quay

Dublin 2, D02 DP23


Very professional, thank You. 🙂


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You are absolutely right @Camelia0, Airbnb issues the invoice/intinenary and not the hosts. You can mention the same to the guest once again and ask them to contact Airbnb for future assistance.


Happy hosting 🙂



What if the host requests your personal details (address and full name) in order to invoice you? I just received this request from a host. I have never been asked this before and was under the impression that Airbnb handles the transaction safely.

Hi Jeet - would you know as a guest, how could one add their GST number if one travels for work. 

Facing this issue right now - have you found a resolution yet.

Hi @Camelia0


What did you do in the end? I am having the same request right now.


Thanks for your help.


Kind regards,



Hi @Camelia0,


I have a similar issue going on right now with the tax authority in Hungary.  I have been informed that I should be issuing invoices for each guest, yet the guest doesn't directly pay me anything.  It seems that no proper invoices are issued to the guest from AirBnB regarding the money for the actual stay which is a real pain.  A real invoice having both parties names and addresses and amount of money transacted it doesn't seem like a huge step for AirBnB to do.  If someone here can add to my understanding I would appreciate it.


Pragmatically though...

They are probably business travellers and want to have a VAT invoice so that they can then claim the VAT back (I imagine).  And I am also presuming that you are not VAT-registered (and that is normally fine if you earn under some threshold based on whichever country you are in, you should check with your tax authority the rules).  Anyhow if you are not VAT-registered, then he can't claim any VAT back from you anyway (only the VAT that AirBnB charges which he said he had an invoice for)

The other reason is that he wants to expense the stay, which he can easily do with the full reciept of the reservation that AirBnB issues him.





This is my reason to claim an airbnb invoice: I'm a contractor and sometimes I have to travel for work and get the expenses reimbursed by the client. These expenses are included in the invoice I create for them (my clients). If I don't present the airbnb invoice, the reimbursement will be considered as earnings for me and I will need to pay the corresponding taxes.

The airbnb invoice is my way of demonstrating that the amount I have invoiced to my clients are not earnings, but a reimbursement.


Traveller here: No we cannot expense the stay easily (or not leagally at least) with the invoice that AirBnb provides... because it does not contain necessery information like company address or ID. 

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hi, i just wanna know if this was solved?


Hi, Zuneid!


personally I applied Jeet's advice and always redirected the guests back to Airbnb for further assistance. They didn't came back to me, so I assume they solved it with Airbnb (and I had this request a lot of times).

However, it would be great if Airbnb could make a post with this subject in their 'Help' section...

As a guest travelling for business I can say that the issue remains unsolved.  Airbnb invoice for their fees and VAT therefore our business cannot reflect the real cost of the accommodation unless the host can provide us with a separate invoice, which they usually don't want to do.  This doesn't make our accountants very happy!  

David, your feedback helps a lot. But this is an issue we'd need to address to Airbnb. As I have all the will to issue invoices to my guests just that I cannot issue an invoice on (let's say) David's company when I'm receiving the money from Airbnb. So there's a gap here somewhere...

ike to know something. From my understanding even though you receive the money from airbnb and we do pay airbnb...when airbnb gives you the money do you then make an invoice for that money that you receive? Because what i am understanding is that all this money (and there are hosts making millions) that is circulating on airbnb is not paying any taxes! So if airbnb doenst make invoices to the clients and neiuther do the hosts, this money result untaxed right????

@Carlota24 - I see you are a guest on Airbnb not a host - we as hosts do infact pay taxes and lots of them. NO i do not make invoices for guests as all monies are transferred thru Airbnb. We receive our monies and Airbnb pays part of our taxes to the state - occupancy tax and in my home town we have also Bed tax/tourist tax which we report monthly and pay monthly depending on our income and amount of occupied nights. On top of that are our federal taxes which is yearly. And since Airbnb keeps detailed accounting records (thanks for all those amazing computer algorithms) there is accounting of us and all the monies we make....I wish it was millions!!!  I love hosting and am one of those that does everything by the books and correctly.  So all in all in florida just state stuff is about 10% tax!  Then comes Federal taxes............Therefore, the monies are very taxed, very taxed. Hope this answers your question about untaxed! Best regards, Clara